That picture doesn’t really capture it, but Henry Ian Cusick (Lost’s Desmond) really does look like Frank Miller did in his long hair days.

All of which was an excuse to put our LOST comments in the jump. SPOILERS.

What the fuck is up with Sawyer? There is no way he would have returned the diamond and dumped them in the dirt! And in last nights episode, “Left Behind” he was even more out of character — the conman feeling awkward about t pulling a con on people? Come on now. Sawyer is jumping the shark! Pinkie Tuscadero is going to come riding up on a pink motorcycle any minute now.


  1. Character growth is lacking enough on television. What, you expect Sawyer to stay the same person throughout this experience?
    Redemption/atonement is the central theme of LOST.

  2. I think Desmond looks the most like Barry Gibb. Look at that airport hallucination/vision of Locke’s. Tell me that dapper Desmond the pilot does not look like Barry Gibb. Plus I like the fact that sawyer dumped the diamonds. he does have a good side, plus they are pretty worthless and with all that he has gone through (shot/captured) i’m pretty sure he thinks he aint ever leaving.

  3. “Redemption/atonement.”

    What M. Lusk, said. Plus, it was Hugo that pulled the con. The best con yet.

    My theory on LOST:

    The universal conflict of science and fate [and faith] has allowed key people to cross paths throughout their lives and survive a plane crash together at the nexus of an experimental island where they can or cannot redeem themselves from their past and, ultimately, unlock the equation for love to save the world.

  4. See, this is why I don’t like serial television with four commercial breaks an hour. I know that Sawyer is redeeming himself — and of course that is the theme of the show — but to me it is heavy-handed shorthand. A slick conman suddenly doesn’t know how to butter up to people? I just don’t believe it. A better way to show it would have been him easily going into his conman mode, then suddenly realizing how insincere he was being, and THEN slipping into something more real. Of course, they didn’t have TIME to show all that.

    Plus, Everyone loves Sawyer, come on! He’s like Wolverine! Next thing you know he’ll be cavorting with kittens.

  5. Heidi – is it just me or are we seeing a lot of “Prisoner” cliches running rampant throughout this season?

    I tried to explain the concept of this to my younger sister – but there seems to be a generation gap.



  6. So finally next week for the first time on the show one of the Losters is going to ask one of the others what the fuck is going on with the island? How many days/weeks have they been interacting with these folks and realized that they know what’s up, that they were pretending to be hill folk with fake beards and shit, that they have an operating room and houses……and they’ve YET to ask them “hey, what the F is going on with this island, where are we, who are you, how you’d get here?”

    THAT is the hardest thing for me to believe.