DC Month-to-Month sales February 2007

by Marc-Oliver Frisch DC Comics are increasingly struggling to keep up with Marvel in terms of market share and chart domination. The good news is that DC’s average sales recovered somewhat in February, thanks to a strong debut of new team-up title The Brave and the Bold, and to a bunch of high-selling titles returning […]

Shocker: Naruto game sells well!

Via press release: TOMY Corporation and D3Publisher of America, Inc. (D3PA) today announced that NARUTO™: Clash of Ninja 2 for Nintendo GameCube™ has qualified as a Player’s Choice title, which is reserved for the best-selling games available for the Nintendo GameCube. Based on VIZ Media’s hit anime series SHONEN JUMP™ NARUTO and first released in […]

The lost art of lettering?

Greg Rucka and Richard Starkings have a little debate on lettering at Rucka’s journal.Then Starkings begins a thread at the Engine that covers much of the arcane history and process of lettering: Having witnessed Marvel’s archaic method of production back in ’89 when I lived in New York and visited the Bullpen on a regular […]

Gilbert Hernandez: No “tragic biography”

The Daily Cross Hatch hits another one out of the park with an interview with Gilbert Hernandez. It starts as he muses about the dense mythology of Palomar, and how the Ignatz book NEW TALES OF OLD PALOMAR started out to be an “entry” book: Yeah. So I took the traditional Palomar characters and story […]

Megan Kelso on “Watergate Sue”

Comics Book Bin briefly interviews Megan Kelso on the subject of her new strip for the Funny Pages in the New York Times: “Watergate Sue” is about a woman who is the mother of a small child who becomes obsessed with the Watergate scandal as it unfolds. It will run one page every Sunday for […]

Brenner nixes adult comics?

Radio Comix publisher Elin Winkler notes in her blog that Brenner Printing has stopped printing “adults only” material: This morning, right after I woke up, I was called by our printer (Brenner Printing) and informed that as of March 31st, they were no longer going to be printing *any* adults only material, period. They were […]

Breaking News: Travis Charest is ssllooww

We’re receiving word that Travis Charest may have been removed as the artist on the Alejandro Jodorowsky-penned Dreamshifters graphic novel for Humanoids. We’re going live to John Roberts in Tustin for the latest word on this fast breaking story. John? “Thanks, Heidi. It seems that Charest, who is known for being one of the slowest […]

Do you have what it takes to be a superhero?

The Glens Falls Post Star takes us behind the scenes of a casting for an amusement park which included several DC roles: Potential superheroes are captured in uniform, and photographs are sent off to DC Comics headquarters for approval. Specific requirements apply for each of the superhero characters, according to a list available at the […]