Radio Comix publisher Elin Winkler notes in her blog that Brenner Printing has stopped printing “adults only” material:

This morning, right after I woke up, I was called by our printer (Brenner Printing) and informed that as of March 31st, they were no longer going to be printing *any* adults only material, period. They were very apologetic, but needless to say, this was very upsetting and shocking news. We’ve been printing the adult books there for ten years now with no issues whatsoever, but apparently, the owner has suddenly decided that he doesn’t want such material printed there any more. (This is also sudden and odd, because the whole time I was at Antarctic Press, they also printed adult comics…)

Winkler notes that Brenner also prints books for Avatar, Eros and many other small publishers for whom it was a mainstay.


  1. Sheesh, I was about to return to Brenner for the upcoming run of MAULED! #4. I have to say, this is unfortunate news as I had a really personable working relationship with their sales staff. Hmm, I wonder what they define as “adult”. We don’t have any nakedness or sex in this new issue, but MAULED! #4 may contain words such as: piss, shit, fuck, fucker, fucking, dick, pussy, cunt, ass, asshole, twat, bloodly hell, son of bitch, but, ya know, nothing in a sexual context…

  2. Wow, I had just started working for Brenner when I heard the news about them not printing comics for the adult industry. I am a huge comic book fan and never realized that those types of comics were published. But I have to admit that since I started working for Brenner, he is still printing comics, just not as many. The quality is fantastic and the turn times are next to none. I do hope that some of you who my get to read this comment, will consider returning.

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