20070401 Funnypages
Comics Book Bin briefly interviews Megan Kelso on the subject of her new strip for the Funny Pages in the New York Times:

“Watergate Sue” is about a woman who is the mother of a small child who becomes obsessed with the Watergate scandal as it unfolds. It will run one page every Sunday for six months starting April 1.

CBB: Do you have any worries about presenting your work to what might be a largely new audience for you?

KELSO: I’m incredibly nervous about it. It has a potentially huge audience given how many people read the Times—but of course all those people probably won’t actually read it. It’s a weird feeling. When someone buys a book, they usually read the whole thing, but not so with a newspaper.

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  1. The New York Times Sunday Magazine is worth the $3.00 cost of the newspaper. I read most of it, although I do skip over the fiction.
    I suspect that most readers will at least glance at the comic, it being visual.