1. The Bryan Talbot book calls out to me each time I pass it in my store… He’s one of my favorite writer/artists, and this book is filled with multi-media goodness!

    BTW, A Tale of One Bad Rat is back in print!

  2. I’m about 50 pages (it’s 300 pages) from finishing Alice In Sunderland and it’s an amazing book. I think a number of people who just flip through the book at a store may be put off at first because they may think it’s a long static history lesson with a lot of words. Well it is long, it is a history lesson of sorts, and it has a lot of words, but I’m here to tell anyone reading this that once you start reading Alice In Sunderland you’ll be instantly drawn in and will marvel at the many different ways in which Talbot writes and illustrates this story. And besides the great story, the production values are fantastic so for 300 pages this is a steal at it’s $29.95 price.

    This will surely get a nomination as best original graphic novel in next years Eisners, but sadly because most of the people who vote for the Eisners won’t even try to read this it’ll not have much of a chance of winning (and I predict the same thing will happen this year with Lost Girls which should win). But once word of mouth gets around (and the rave reviews start appearing) it should sell fairly well.

  3. Alice in Sunderland is on its way to my house as we speak. Can’t wait. Didn’t know about the Kuper book. Need to check it out…