Lulu Award Nominations and Voting Extended to Non-Members

This year’s Friends of Lulu Award voting process has been opened to the general public, and we urge everyone to vote. The deadline is May 7th, next Monday and we’ll try to profile a few potential nominees in the next few days. In an effort to reach out to and recognize an even greater sphere […]

The wit and wisdom of Vinnie Colletta

Vinnie Colletta is a legendary name in comic book circles — legendary because he could be one of the worst inkers in the biz, but kept getting work becuase he was fast and reliable and had some powerful friends — including one time Marvel E-I-C- Jm Shooter. When Shooter left Marvel, Colletta found his employment […]

Real Classic Marvel

We found this press release to be of some interest: more info on Marvel’s new line of “Classic Comics.” including The Last of the Mohicans, Treasure Island and The Man in the Iron Mask. Marvel has been beefing up their bookstore offering with stuff like pacting with Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Larell K. Hamilton and […]

News and notes

§ The LA Times looks at the rising sales for novels based on manga. Already a huge category in Japan, the novels are catching on the US as well. The practice of adapting stories from manga and animation to prose has been growing in Japan. As Roland Kelts, the author of “Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop […]

New Zealand responds to library issues

We missed this story last week about complaints in a New Zealand library over shelving CHOBITS (as identified by Dirk) in the kids section, but it appears things are being worked out with a plan to relocate the teen and graphic novel sections to a different art of the Wanganui library where children won’t have […]

Morning Briefing: Downey, WHITEOUT, etc

§ The first images of Robert Downey as Tony Stark were released last week and according to director Jon Favreau, the oft-troubled star fits the role to a T: “We didn’t want to just go with a safe choice,” Favreau says from the set of the film, due in theaters May 2, 2008. “The best […]

Where’s…Frank MIller: “An enigma”

The LA Times catches up with Frank Miller in a lengthy profile by Geoff Boucher. It seems since the 300 premiere, Miller has been out in Hollywood doing the rounds: Miller, who is 50, was given a hero’s welcome at the premiere of “300” in early March and arrived at the glitzy after-party to find […]

Where’s…Bruce Campbell?

It’s been a while since we checked in on The One True Bruce, but with his cameo in this week’s SPIDER-MAN 3 looming, we thought it was time for an update. The above photo was stolen wholesale from The Bruce Campbell Blog, a very useful resource that we should have been checking far more often. […]

Scooby Death note

A young artist imagines a manga-ized version of Scooby, but not quite the one you’re thinking of. Maybe the time has come for this? [Thanks to Hector for the link]

Guest Review: Brandon on TEKKON KINKREET

[TEKKON KINKREET made news both as the adaptation of a respected manga, AND the first Japanese anime film to be written and directed by Americans. It’s currently on a very limited release in the US. Guest reviewer IVAN BRANDON (NYC Mech, 24seven) sent us this review.] I’ve always said that there are artists out there […]