TONIGHT! Crabapple at Meltdown

Molly Crabapple hosts a night of burlesque and book signing more popularly known as DR. SKETCHY’S ANTI-ART SCHOOL! Indulge in the intelligent pleasures of cabaret life drawing with fetish goddess Zoetica Ebb. It matters not if you smudge charcoal, daub fingerpaint, ink flesh or transform sidewalks with three-dimensional chalk drawings – all are welcome at […]

IGN launches online digital comics shop

Man the announcements are coming fat and furious, as IGN’s Direct2Drive announces they will start selling downloadable Top Cow Comics.: IGN Entertainment, a unit of Fox Interactive Media, today announced that its Direct2Drive ( digital retail store has launched the Web’s first independent, download-to-own comic book store and will begin selling comic book titles from […]

Gizmodo gets comics

Gizmodo is the vastly popular (according to Technorati it’s the #3 blog in the WHOLE WORLD) tech blog and it’s just started running GizComix: So here’s something a little different. This is strip number one of our new original Gizmodo comics, written by yours truly and drawn by the super-talented Pedro Camargo, a member of […]

Notable quotables

§ Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report: “Should we go to war with Iran? We only need 300 troops.” § Joel Silver says Wonder Woman is war at Rotten Tomatoes: “For years now, Marvel’s just been kicking the DC Comics’ characters ass. They’ve been killing them. And look, I don’t know if that’s because the […]

Dark Horse bits and bytes

§ Gilbert Hernandez has a new series coming out entitled SPEAK OF THE DEVIL at Dark Horse. What with Love and Rockets, and New Palomar, and his graphic novels, Gilbert seems pretty prolific these days. Val Castillo is a young gymnast with a strange hobby—looking through her neighbors’ windows. At first, no one knows the […]

300 on Bestseller list

300 has landed at #12 on this week’s Hardcover Bestsellers list at Publishers Weekly. While it’s not the only listing for a graphic novel on a nationally recognized bestseller list (SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS charted a few years and ago and there have been others including, we believe, the ALIEN movie adaptation back in the day) […]

Billy Dogma in DEJA VOODOO

Maybe we’re jsut punchy, but this parody of Dean Haspiel’s Billy Dogma by Simon Fraser, Mike Fiffe and Dan Goldman was one of the funnest things we saw this week. The rest is NOT work safe, if you consider being attacked by a giant penis to be not work safe.


We are quite fond of the charming grotesqueries of of the work of Benjamin Roman (I Luv Halloween, Cryptics), so we were happy to see he’s launched a new webcomic, entitledMOTORFACE: We’re not sure the MySpace blog interface is all that handy, but you should be able to add it to you RSS feeds. [Spotted […]

Virgin in the news

Big AP story on Virgin’s release of The Virulents, which is produced by creators in Bangalore, apparently. The story, which was picked up by the Washington Post and USA Today, includes a slideshow of the making of the book. “It’s one of the biggest entertainment markets with 55 percent of the population – 550 million […]