Medium 437638615 9C16B8E9A7 OGizmodo is the vastly popular (according to Technorati it’s the #3 blog in the WHOLE WORLD) tech blog and it’s just started running GizComix:

So here’s something a little different. This is strip number one of our new original Gizmodo comics, written by yours truly and drawn by the super-talented Pedro Camargo, a member of the webcomix collective ACT-I-VATE. We’re really excited about this, so enjoy the first strip and keep your eyes peeled for more goodness in the future.

Act-i-vators will essentially be the “in-house” cartoonists for Gizmodo, which makes mucho sense. The blog gets popular content, the artists get mega exposure. Could this be the start of the new “comics page” on the web?