§ Gilbert Hernandez has a new series coming out entitled SPEAK OF THE DEVIL at Dark Horse. What with Love and Rockets, and New Palomar, and his graphic novels, Gilbert seems pretty prolific these days.

Val Castillo is a young gymnast with a strange hobby—looking through her neighbors’ windows. At first, no one knows the identity of the neighborhood peeper, only that the suspect wears a devil’s mask.

When a friend discovers Val’s secret, he joins her into a dark journey of spying and discovery that includes peering into the bedroom of Val’s own father and stepmother. Intimate details of neighbors’ lives, better left quiet, become chatter and threaten all involved, eventually snowballing into a dark journey that even the strongest soul would not care to endure.

Speak of the Devil #1 features story and art from Gilbert Hernandez (Love & Rockets). The miniseries arrives on sale July 25.

§ Eric Powell’s THE GOON is also coming back at DH:

After a long hiatus from the regular series to work on The Goon: Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker graphic novel, Eric Powell, the mastermind behind The Goon is back! It’s been more than a year since Eric has written and drawn the ongoing adventures of his fan-favorite, award-winning antihero, and he aims to prove that the wait was worth it.

The brand-new story is the beginning of major upheavals in the Goon universe. The Zombie Priest and his latest abominations continue to plague the streets, but his madness and use of forbidden magic is drawing forces to Lonely Street that he may not be able to control. Plus the Goon comic is now offering 50% more poop jokes than all the Marvel and DC superhero titles combined. Suck on that, X-Men!