Just kidding, there will be a CAPTAIN AMERICA #26 and many, many more to come by creative team Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting. But, speaking of events and news and cycles and recreational readers and rising tides and what not, today is one of those slow news days that gets a comics story picked up […]

But the kids DO like it!

Yesterday’s ennui rant has gotten a little attention around the internet water cooler. It’s always an honor when Tom AND Dirk weigh in on the same topic! But a lot of the responses there and here seem to be missing out on the very complex web of sociological factors that have led us to this […]

And now…Mary Worth!

Barry Alfonso at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette takes an insightful look at eternal busybody Mary Worth which continues even though it came in dead last in the paper’s popularity poll. According to Alfonso it’s because the strips very slowpoke nature gives it a unique appeal. As the decades have passed, Mary Worth has truly become sui […]

Alison Bechdel interview at Bookslut

A wide ranging interview covering stormtroopers and the future of DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR: Do you see the strip ending in the near future? I don’t, but people are asking me that all the time now. I don’t know why. Are they seeing something I’m not? Is it getting stale? I don’t think so, […]

Mini manga crash at Media Blasters

Media Blasters editor FRank Pannone posts on AnimeonDvd that they will be suspending many of their non-yaoi titles: Apocalypse Zero and Baron Gong are probably dead. They are not being reprinted and the boss has decided not to get another block of 6 on either of them. It’s too bad because EVERYONE that read Baron […]

Illidge joins Archaia

Former Milestone and DC editor Joe Illidge has come back to the fray at Archaia, where he will be editing their creator owned line. PR and a list of new titles in the jump. On the heels of announcing its new lineup of creator-owned titles for 2007 and unveiling its catalog (freely downloadable at, […]

McG takes on the Losers

According to IESB Charlie’s Angels director McG is taking over THE LOSERS movie: Our industry insider is telling us that McG has replaced Pete Berg as the director of the big screen adaptation for Vertigo/DC Comics “The Losers”. The Losers was a comic published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics, written by Andy Diggle […]

You kids behave.

I’ve taken the liberty of closing comments on the most recent post on the Ellison/Fantagraphics suit. For the record, I am fond of both Unca Gary and Unca Harlan, and I think they are both asses where the other is concerned. Let the courts decide who’s right — only the lawyers are winning anyway. Posting […]