It’s 300 week here at Stately Beat Manor!

As we close in on the premiere, more evidence that star Butler has learned well to praise comics:

“After I sat down and read ‘300,’ I just thought, ‘What have I been missing?’ This world of comic books is insane. His comic books, his graphic novels are just wicked,” Butler enthused. “I didn’t realize that you could get quite so dark and masculine and formidable just through drawings and dialogue on a page.”

We KNOW what you have been missing, DDGB, we KNOW.

Meanwhile, its interesting to read some of the marketing metrics on this movie, which at this point seems insanely overhyped, but…well you never know.

“When we ask, ‘What are the most highly anticipated movies of the year?’ 300 and Spider-Man 3 are the ones mentioned the most,” says Alex Billington, co-founder of fan site FirstShowing.net, who witnessed the Comic-Con reaction firsthand. “What 300 has achieved now, no one else has come close to achieving. This is setting the new standard for comic-book movies.”

Warners is really expecting this to be a huge hit, but that is reportedly backed up by very favorable testing. We keep reading tidbits like the following; considering the extreme violence and manliness of the film, it has had a surprisingly favorable reaction from the ladies:

As for anyone who thinks 300 is guys-only fare, consider those half-naked Spartans. At test screenings, the film tested 100% positive for women of all ages.

Says Snyder: “The studio was like, ‘What the hell? We don’t even get this at our romantic comedies.’ “


  1. Fun For The Whole Family!
    beefcake for mom, blood and guts for dad and Jr., wicked piercings and tattoos for the goth teens, faithful translation for the fanboys, historical accuracy and teaching aid(?) for the academics, allegory for the pundits, IMAX for movie buffs…

  2. I saw a sneak preview on the IMAX and it was one of the best movie experiences I’ve had in a long time. This is an amazing movie. Every single guy I know cannot wait to see it, and while a lot of my female friends sneer at the hyper-violence and masculinity, they also seem intrigued by the sheer beauty of the film as seen in the previews and trailers (not to mention all the hyper buff dudes wearing only leather Speedos).

    This movie will be one of highest grossing R-rated films of all time — possibly the highest grossing.

  3. I also saw the IMAX preview at WonderCon. Being of Greek extraction, this is my heritage! Speaking as a woman, I LOVED it! Sure, it’s masculine–it’s about men. Men are interesting. Mainly, it is an art film, done in wonderful dark, muted tones, about honor, freedom, and integrity. I can’t speak for its overall historical accuracy, but it FELT very real, and that’s what good movies should do. Not upbeat by any means, but ultimately it is very triumphant. I can recommend it highly and unreservedly.

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