Former Milestone and DC editor Joe Illidge has come back to the fray at Archaia, where he will be editing their creator owned line. PR and a list of new titles in the jump.

On the heels of announcing its new lineup of creator-owned titles for 2007 and unveiling its catalog (freely downloadable at, ASP is pleased to announce the hiring of the man who will help bring these titles to readers: Joe Illidge. Illidge’s extensive background both as a comic book editor and as an entertainment guru are well suited to ensure that ASP’s books are well done, on time, and that they continue to live up to the high quality fans and readers have come to expect from the publisher of such titles as ARTESIA, THE KILLER, OKKO: THE CYCLE OF WATER, THE SECRET HISTORY, and MOUSE GUARD.

Illidge first cut his teeth at Milestone, the first Black-owned comic book company, where he edited Milestone’s flagship title, Hardware. Afterwards, Illidge became the associate editor of the Batman line of comic books for DC Comics. He helped kick off “No Man’s Land,” the year-long story in which Batman’s city was torn apart. He was also the editor on DC’s Birds of Prey series, helped develop the series bible for the Birds of Prey television show on the WB network, and took over the editorial reigns for Batman Beyond. Most recently, Illidge has been busy with his own Verge Entertainment, a production company with numerous award-winning short films to its credit.

“After falling in love with MOUSE GUARD, the best all-ages comic book I’ve read since Leave It To Chance, I was sold on the ASP Comics line. When Mark and Aki, two of the most honorable men I’ve met in the business, offered me a chance to work for their company, then showed me their impressive roster of books for 2007, it was a no-brainer.”

“When Aki and I began looking for someone to help fill this role,” said Mark Smylie, publisher of ASP Comics, “we had no idea we’d come across someone as good and experienced and fitting as Joe. With the great lineup of titles we have coming out and the terrific group of creators we’re working with, he’s the perfect guy for the job.”

Executive director and publisher Aki Liao said, “We’re glad to have Joe aboard. His reputation for understanding the creative process and for caring for writers and artists precedes him. His contribution is sure to play a part in Archaia’s continuing success.”

Illidge’s bailiwick will include the whole host of exciting new titles coming from ASP in 2007, including:

**INANNA’S TEARS by Rob Vollmar and mpMann (5 issues, Summer 2007);
**STARKWEATHER: IMMORTAL by Piers Anthony, David Rodriguez and Patrick McEvoy
(5 issues beginning in June);
**REVERE by Ed Lavallee and Grant Bond (hardcover graphic novel, July)
**AWAKENING by Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn (10 issues beginning in Aug);
**KILLING PICKMAN by Jason Becker and Jon Rea (6 issues beginning in Aug);
**THE BLACK KNIGHT by Robert Randle and Aaron Campbell (6 issues beginning in Sept);
**PRIMORDIA by John R. Fultz and Roel Wielinga (3 issues beginning in Sept);
**THE LONG COUNT by Jason L. Blair and Leanne Buckley (12 issues beginning in Oct); **HOLLOW by Larime Taylor, Duncan Eagleson, and Danielle Sylvie Taylor (5 issues beginning in Oct);
**MISERICORDIA by Rebekah Brem (11 issues beginning in Nov);
**HYBRID BASTARDS by Tom Pinchuk and Kate Glasheen (3 issues beginning in Nov);
**SCARS by Durwin Talon and Guin Thompson (3 issues beginning in Dec);


  1. In a previous life, I used to work with Joe at a book publisher employer from an earlier chapter of our respective lives. He’s a good guy indeed and I’m glad to hear that he’s joining Team Archaia. The company’s got a good bunch of projects going on, and Joe’s going to be a great asset to the team.

    As nigh-obligatory disclosure: Archaia is the publisher of MOUSE GUARD, the collection of which will be published in trade paperbacks by Villard books, which is an imprint of Random House Publishing Group, for which I work. So I may not be very credible when I say nice things about MOUSE GUARD, Archaia, or Joe Illidge, but regardless, all those nice things are truly hearfelt.

    Way to go, Joe!

  2. Joe is awesome on a number of levels and they are lucky to have that talented guy on their side. one day I hope to work for him, till then I will continue to check out anything he is involved with.


  3. I used to work with Joe at Milestone, and Archaia is lucky to have him.

    And I’m so looking forward to the collected Mouse Guard in hardcover in April.