This is what they want

These days, when we think about books and GNs we feel very optimistic, but when we think about periodicals/pamphlets/floppies, we feel much less so. It seems every time we post the Marvel and DC monthly sales analysis a new round of internet kvetching begins: Marvel and DC are destroying their sales with their reliance on […]

Brigid on “the paradigm shift”

We’re still finding interesting links about NYCC, and while we won’t bore you with them at this late date, this show was a real watershed. So many players from the bookstore revolution were in one place, and undistracted by movie glitz. The forward momentum was palpaple. Brigid addressed this in a must read called Missing […]

Silver: Wonder Woman a “struggle”

Sci Fi Wire caught up with Joel Silver at WonderCon and he revealed the status of the Wonder Woman movie. Short version: don’t hold your breath. Later, Silver told SCI FI Wire that the Wonder Woman project had a long way to go. “We’re not there yet,” Silver said in an interview. “I mean, look, […]

300 Premiere!

Did we mention it’s 300 week here? IESB has a wide ranging photo gallery of the premiere last night and it seems everyone was there! Rosario Dawson (who we saw running around on 4th Avenue the other day) Hellboy, Mr. Fantastic, Faramir, Two-Face etc etc. We were particularly happy to see creator Frank Miller up […]

What you need to know about 300 controversies

It’s 300 week here at Stately Beat Manor! Finally! The graphic novel is currently at #14 on Amazon, a healthy spot to be sure. While this weekend the LA TImes gave it the royal treatment while looking at t’s frankly stunning technical achievements, there are still some textual matters to clear up. For instance, the […]

¿Donde esta El Muerto? — UPDATE

Hey remember that movie EL MUERTO starring WIlmer Valderrama that was based on an indie comic? Whatever happened to it? Well, it seems it is having a premiere in a few weeks, according to comic creator Javier Hernandez: The independent movie based on my comic book El Muerto is screening at the San Diego Latino […]

The Red Star for PS2 finally appears

We’re not quite sure if this is news or not. You may recall that when Acclaim went under, they eft a few games in nearly finished stage, including one based on Christian Gossett’s THE RED STAR. Now it appears that it is coming out from Take-Two: Based on the same-tilted graphic novels, which serve as […]

Dick has mild disapproval for your blog

There a newish blog on the block entitled Dick Hates Your Blog that’s trying to be the new Blogosphere Rampage. It’s got a lot nostalgic touches that bring back the golden age of the Blogosphere: an all-type Blogger template, a finicky sidebar, comments. But it also has an anonymous owner, so in theory the snark […]