Sci Fi Wire caught up with Joel Silver at WonderCon and he revealed the status of the Wonder Woman movie. Short version: don’t hold your breath.

Later, Silver told SCI FI Wire that the Wonder Woman project had a long way to go. “We’re not there yet,” Silver said in an interview. “I mean, look, … for a while these Marvel Comics [movies] have been kicking the DC Comics [movies’] ass. You know? I mean all these characters that just keep coming out. And, look, they revived Batman. They’re making a new Batman now. It should be great. They’re making a new Superman, and they’re going to do Justice League, all the characters, which I think is a cool idea. And we’re going to get Wonder Woman to work.”

[snip]As for how the project will move forward without Whedon? “We’ll make it work,” Silver said. “You know, it’s going to [work]. … We just couldn’t figure it out, but we’ll get there.” But for now, Silver said he’s not actively looking for a new writer or director. “No, not yet. We’re just … talking about it, and we’ll get back to it soon.”

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