What I learned at NYCC ’07

Yes it is the latest and lamest con report ever after hundreds of bloggers have already had their say. What can we say? We’re old and sick and we just couldn’t hack it. But there are a few points that no one has brought up(!) that we thought were still worth mentioning. • CROWDS CAN […]

Death of Superman dvd details released

Bruce Timm talked about this upcoming direct-toVD movie at WonderCon, and details on voices and so on are now out: Warner Home Video, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation are set to release an all-new original movie Superman Doomsday on September 18, 2007. Utilizing the vast history and tradition of DC Comic’s classic comic book […]

Arflovers now with RSS!

Craig Yoe’s funtastic Arflovers blog has relaunched today with an rss feed and permalinks and everything just like a real blog so now we can link to it with abandon. If you’ve been missing Craig’s sometimes NSFW tribute to wackiness you have been missing not only pages of old comics art, and cartoonist news, but […]

Vado: “I would own it all.”

JK Parkin’s report on the Slave Labor panel from WonderCon includes much more from SLG head honcho Dan Vado on his Disney mishaps, but an even more eye-popping quote when he’s asked what he would do differently: He added, “On the serious end, I would not publish creator-owned work. It’s a terrible business model as […]

Pini returns with Poe Manga

Here’s a story we sort of missed in all the excitement: Elfquest’s Wendy Pini turning to the web with a manga/yaoi-esque adaptation of MASUE OF THE RED DEATH for Go! Comi! If we’re not mistaken, Pini hasn’t been very prolific since ELFQUEST wrapped up, so this is very notable, and it’s nice to see a […]

Nerds in crime: Superman, Vader, Spielberg

This video has been all over the internet this weekend: an old lady taking a driving test crashes into the waiting room at the DMV, and while chaos ensues, a guy dressed as Superman wanders into and—very quickly—out of the scene. So…many…questions… Meanwhile, in Hickory, NC, a man dressed as Darth Vader committed a daring […]

Crumb Crisp Coating: more tidbits

Just clearing up some more information on in “Yes, Always”, the funny/sad Orson Welles recording we linked to the other day. Much more info has come to light via the comments section. Here at fudgeland is a link to a LONGER version of the tape that includes Welles asking “What is a gonk?” And also, […]