Bruce Timm talked about this upcoming direct-toVD movie at WonderCon, and details on voices and so on are now out:

Warner Home Video, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation are set to release an all-new original movie Superman Doomsday on September 18, 2007.

Utilizing the vast history and tradition of DC Comic’s classic comic book stories along with a more provocative and action-packed story line for avid comic fans as well as kids and their parents, Superman Doomsday features the voices of Adam Baldwin (“Independence Day”) as Superman, Anne Heche (“Men in Trees”) as Lois Lane and James Marsters (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) as Lex Luthor, and will be available for $19.98. Order due date is August 14, 2007.

Produced by Bruce Timm (Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Animated Series) and written by Duane Capizzi (The Batman, The Batman vs. Dracula), Superman Doomsday is inspired by the best-selling graphic novel of all time, DC Comics’ The Death of Superman. When the intergalactic serial killer Doomsday is unearthed, Superman meets the creature head on in the battle to end all battles. Going punch for punch, Superman finally ends the threat of Doomsday as he throws one last punch and collapses forever – making the ultimate sacrifice to save Metropolis and all those he once loved.

Superman Doomsday will be available exclusively on DVD with collectable packaging as well as over 70 minutes of incredible DVD extras including:

• “The Clash of the Juggernauts” – A retrospective look at the craze which caught the world by storm. What happens when millions of fans are suddenly subjected to the death of their favorite character? Total mayhem! Going on record about the “Death of Superman” will be Paul Levitz and other DC staff as well as comic book artists throughout the industry. News clippings, reports and first-hand archival testimony from fans will be pieced together in a retrospective way. The featurette will also include a closer look at the dark Superman appearing in “The Return of Superman” graphic novel.
• The Artists Playground…From Art to Sound Design in Superman Doomsday – Producer Bruce Timm and his creative team of writers, animators and designers will take us on an exciting journey of character evolution. This documentary will focus on early character concept drawings, final character art, various stages of modeling, storyboards, animatics, layering of colors, voice talent and ultimately final animation.
• Justice League: The New Frontier – Sneak peak of the next DC Universe Original Movie
• Defeat Doomsday: Battle Challenge – Battle as Superman to defeat Doomsday in this fast-action, dexterity challenge which lets the users relive the epic battle with unique gameplay inter-cut with footage from the movie.
• Widescreen (1.78:1)
• 5.1 Dolby Digital

“We are thrilled to be releasing the first of the DC Universe movies that feature extraordinary talent including Adam Baldwin and Anne Heche, as well as the lauded producer/writer team of Bruce Timm and Duane Capizzi,” said Dorinda Marticorena, WHV Vice President, Kids and Sports Marketing. “With an authentic animation look and feel and a more emotional as well as action-packed storyline, Superman Doomsday will certainly appeal to adult comic book fans and older kids.”

Superman Doomsday Marketing Support Superman Doomsday will be supported by a massive media campaign delivering millions of impressions. Marketing support will also include strong promotion support as well as explosive online promotion stunts. Finally, the DVD release of Superman Doomsday will be supported by a network television premiere.


  1. I’m very excited about this product but I’m curious to know where the “best selling graphic novel of all time” statment comes from.

    I had always assumed based on recent sales figures that some Manga would be the ‘best selling graphic novel’.

    Furtermore, I would also have thought that Watchmen, DKR or V for Vendetta trumped Death of Superman.

    Not that I don’t love Death of Superman, just curious about the statment.

  2. Looks like none of the original actors from the Superman animated series are involved. Any word on if this features any of the sequel storyline with the introduction of Steel or Superboy? Or is that a possible future release?

  3. What is this – Duane Capizzi is one of the boys now?

    Pretty soon every future WB cartoon series based on a DC property is going to look like Jackie Chan Adventures from now on.



  4. I’m not sure where the statistic comes from, but my copy of Death of Superman also proudly advertsises itself as “The best-selling graphic novel of all time.”

  5. I am also curious to know how many copies of The Death Of Superman TPB have been sold. However, I just looked at my 1st print copy of TDOS TPB, and its cover price is only $4.95…for a book that reprints seven comics, so I would imagine with this price point the TPB did sell a gajillion copies right out of the starting gate.

    I believe later printings were priced at 5.95, and I think it went up again to a $6.95 price, and now the current printing retails for $9.99. There are also current reviews of the TPB on Amazon (usually an indicator the book is still selling okay, so for now I will accept the claim/hyperbole, and assume that this TPB is indeed one of, if not the best selling TPBs of all time.

  6. This should be interesting even though it is not the comic page for page.

    I was especially annoyed at the talking Doomsday in the JL series. I hope this one does not have any silly catch phrases followed by a frontal lobotomy.

    Also, if he is flying in the recovery suit, is supergirl carying him? Also, as asked by other posters: Where is Steel, Superboy, Hank Henshaw (the Cyborg) and the Eradicator? If they are in it, is Green Lantern and Mongul? Is Coast city going to be destroyed?

    Let’s see how true they stay to the original 1992 story.

  7. Without a doubt Superman is the best super hero of our age and even in the future generation.It somehow sucks that DC needs to kill superman in order for them to create new twists.This DVD version of Death of Superman will surely be a thriller especially for those people who haven’t read the novel.I hope their will also be a movie for A world without Superman and Return of Superman.Hey why didn’t they include it? I think we’ll just have to wait.

  8. Very disappointed. I thought the casual mention of Doomsday’s past was sad. How do you have a creature powerful enough to kill Superman be a casual part of a movie. Leaving out the four supermen that followed was also disappointing. I wanted to see the graphics of the cyborg. I would hope someone would have the guts to make another version and stick to the comic. This movie was a shadow of the comic it came from.

  9. Once again DC has proven how lazy they are by putting out this garbage. Instead of including the Justice League, Green Lantern, Mongul and the 4 new Supermen, we get a half assed version of a really good saga.
    It’s not like they couldn’t have put more effort into it or anything. And they wonder why Marvel will always be two steps ahead of them creativity wise. Sidenote to DC, fire some of your writers and get better marketing

  10. Lads and Ladies fellow fans of the death of superman storyline .
    I hate to say I told you so but if you read my post as true blue on the superman home page I told you this was far from the movie us diehards wanted. I saw it and enjoyed it as a stand alone dvd movie but it was not the true comic adapted to dvd. you would be better off buying the audio book on dvd of superman lives a 3 disk set much closer to the comic book story. I know I bought it twice wore out the tape version and replaced it with the cd version .