This video has been all over the internet this weekend: an old lady taking a driving test crashes into the waiting room at the DMV, and while chaos ensues, a guy dressed as Superman wanders into and—very quickly—out of the scene. So…many…questions…

Meanwhile, in Hickory, NC, a man dressed as Darth Vader committed a daring heist:

The victim told police he was in his Hickory Trace Village apartment on Fifth Street, NE, when a female knocked at his door and asked to use his phone. The victim told police he let the woman inside and went to a back bedroom to get his phone. When he came back into the hallway, two males were standing in his home, according to the police report. Both had guns, one was wearing the mask.

The Vader is described as being black and about 5’7″…which rules out James Earl Jones.

Finally, a Norman Rockwell painting missing for 30 years has turned up in the collection of director Steven Speilberg. “Russian Schoolroom” was stolen from a gallery in 1973; Spielberg bought it in 1989 from a legitimate art dealer. Although he knew nothing about the original robbery, Spielberg — a huge Rockwell fan who is on the board of the Rockwell museum — quickly came clean:

Spielberg’s staff alerted federal authorities, and an FBI agent and an art expert inspected the painting at one of Spielberg’s offices and confirmed its authenticity Friday morning. Early FBI estimates put the painting’s value at $700,000, officials said.