Korgi by Christian Slade is totally cute!

Top Shelf has been talking a lot about their new all-ages book Korgi by Christian Slade and even put up a trailer a few days back. Well, we got some advance pages in yesterday at the office, and both The Beat and our battle-tested intern Ada were rolling on the floor in paroxysms of cute […]

What’s up at AMS/PGW: NBN to the rescue?

We haven’t been giving daily updates on the AMS bankruptcy story because it’s been too exhausting! With all the daily drama and legal wrangling — it’s almost like a soap opera. Our pal Jim Milliot at Publishers Weekly, however, has been following every twist and turn. Just to bring everyone up to speed, you’ll recall […]

EW.com’s Toy Fair previews

Toy Fair is almost upon us, and we will be out hitting the streets to bring you all the PVC and animatronic chimpnewws that you need, but in the meantime, EW.com has a groovy slideshow preview, including Marvel’s (?) Madman figure.

More DC Unlimited: Afro Samurai

Continuing its roll-out of a series of licensed products, Dc Unlimited, DC’s new brand, has annoucned a line of AFRO SAMURAI action figures: DC Unlimited, the new brand launched by DC Comics to license and promote the world’s greatest pop culture characters and stories, is proud to announce the acquisition of a license to release […]

Evanier’s Kirby bio at Abrams

At his blog yesterday, Mark Evanier announced the publisher and release date for his long awaited biography of Jack Kirby…which will now be in two parts: The first will be a very nicely printed art book with a simpler but quite complete version of the Kirby biography. The volume will also be loaded with rare […]

Eat Doritos with Oscar nominee!

Okay here’s a pretty cool auction from The Hero Initiative: VIP tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel show, time in the Green Room with Guillermo del Toro and getting to watch Tenacious D perform. As a reminder, the Hero Initiative benefits comics creators who are in financial need, so it is a good cause: This is […]


As many suspected yesterday, DC Unlimited will be the new brand for DC’s launch of a line of WoW collectibles: DC Unlimited, the new brand launched by DC Comics to license and promote the world ‘ s greatest pop culture characters and stories, is proud to announce the release of a line of action figures […]

Ms. PMS is bloody awful

Again With the Comics points us to MS PMS, a comic from the halcyon days of the 90s. that couldn’t keep up a monthly schedule. In fact, it came only once. I found this little piece of blog-bait in the quarter bin and, well, how could I resist? Ms. PMS was published in 1992, with […]

Soused ‘tooner in chopper horror

Well, it seems astronauts aren’t the only profession that can go bad. Well known Aussie political cartoonist Larry Pickering has been charged with flying a helicopter while drunk: Pickering, 64, has been charged with four offences under the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988. It is alleged that on April 8 last year the great-grandfather piloted a […]

Elf porn movies

Kotaku reports on The World of Whorecraft a series of porn movies that feature people in armor getting it on, a feat which involves quite a bit of endurance, apparently. Reading this article kind of made us throw-up a little, but if you like this kind of thing, we supposed it’s the kind of thing […]