Ghost RiderThe NY Post reports that movie critics are non-plussed at not getting a chance to screen GHOST RIDER:

Sony is dodging opening-day print reviews for “Ghost Rider,” which opens a week from Friday. Critics are being invited to the premiere the night before the opening as well as a “courtesy” screening on Friday, which means reviews will be buried in the Saturday papers.

The latest Marvel Comics blockbuster starring Nicolas Cage, which carries a pricetag of $120 million, may well be the most expensive event movie movie to receive this treatment, which tends to embarass the talent involved (though apparently not Cage, whose “The Wicker Man” went the same route via Warner Bros.)

Sony has been in the vanguard of the snowballing late screening movement, racking up a record string of No. 1 openings last year, including a number of (mostly low-budget)films that avoided advance critical scrutiny.

For the 900th time, The Beat has not been invited to any screenings, either, so we’ll see you at Blockbuster!


  1. The Only reason I want this to be good, is that if it is good there is hope that The Precher HBO proyect don´t suck at all, since the director of GR is the man behind the apaptation of the Ennis´s series.

  2. I have no delusions at all that this is a good movie, but I have to admit, the recent commercials have made me laugh. I mean, really laugh, not just laughing AT it! Like that clip where the goth girl is describing seeing Ghost Rider. I probably actually will go see it in the theater, though at some bargain matinee.