200702080144Remember this post yesterday? See, we figured that one out just by guesswork, but now film ick says our instincts were RIGHT, you capish?

Is John Carter Of Mars To Be A Disney And Zemeckis Motion Capture Project?
I’ve recieved three e-mails in the last half an hour all suggesting the same thing, but I have to ask you: could John Carter of Mars really be Robert Zemeckis’ next film, after Beowulf? Gossip in motion capture circles, such as they are, seems to be suggesting so.

As reported earlier, Zemeckis and Disney are teaming to open a state of the art Motion Capture facility. As reported even earlier, the rights to make a movie of John Carter of Mars are heading to Disney. It seems to add up, so I’m off to investigate… Zemeckis or Pixar, both prospects sound pretty remarkable to me.