§ Over at the Pulse, Marvel Editor Andy Schmidt lists graphic novels recommendations in many genres to help non-comics reading pals overcome their prejudices.

§ If you are going to San Diego, here’s what to do, courtesy of Scryptic Studio’s creator roundtable. There are some great pull quotes from this that have already been quoted, but this from Jason Rodriguez is one of the best on how NOT TO DO San Diego:

Rodriguez: Wors[t] thing you can do is go by yourself without any plans. Comic-Con works if you’re meeting folks who’ll introduce you to other folks, especially at night. Try to get into as many lunches and dinners as you can. And read people – a lot of times folks don’t want you around. Read that. Move on. Plenty of people at the Con worth talking to and getting food with. Do it.

Honest, we know people who went by themselves with no plan who were crying wrecks by saturday afternoon, or who ended up sleeping in their car. NO LIE. FIND ALLIES!

§claims to be running a “poor, antisocial man’s Fanboy Rampage” but he hasn’t updated since Sunday. Weak.

§ CBR has a really, really good interview with dear, dear Gerard Butler and we would love to hear him say “comic booick” someday in person even if he destroyed many of our most cherished fantasies with this interview:

I loved it. I’m not a big comic book guy, I have read them before, but I’m not that guy who would go rifling through comic book stores looking for that one comic book. I loved “Sin City,” I read that comic and have read a number of things from Frank Miller. I love the darkness and masculinity of those characters and their psychological journeys.

§ Breaking news! Clone Thor Attacks Black Panther!