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The Venture Bros! Wes Craven! Train Man! Blogging! And that’s just a quick peek…more laters…

Oh dear

One problem here — Yaoi means “boys love”…this is more like “bears love.”

Didio stunningly reveals vague hints

DcartMeanwhile, the probable culprit for the lowering sales at the bottom of the scale is the sponge-like effect of all the events at the top. At Newsarama, Dan Didio answers 20 questions on that DC teaser image that will keep everyone yapping and blabbing for the next 1,000,000 internet page views. Didio is a smart guy who knows how to have fun with the tease, and he hints that there are all sorts of metaphysical allusions about epic tales yet to be told:

8) Are all the assembled characters from the same Earth?

DD: Yes, they are all from the same Earth. But let me say, as the sighs of relief and the gasps of disapproval die down, some of these images are literal and some are symbolic, I leave it to you to figure out which is which.

But then he kind of gives it away with this:

20) Is there anything about this picture we were supposed to notice, but haven’t yet? How much of the secret(s) of this picture could we determine just from it and what we’ve already seen? Is something coming up soon that might give us clues relevant to the picture?

DD: Like I said at the start, with all the keen eyes analyzing this piece nearly all the mysteries, from the ground they stand on to the distant skyline, have been recognized. We have some great stories heading your way, and I think it would be a disaster if we gave them away now. I’m counting down to when we can finally talk about this, but until then, keep the ideas and speculation coming, after all getting there is half the fun.

Fun…sure. We’re having fun playing along, and our page views haven’t suffered a bit. Why is Mary Marvel sad? Is she sad because love is an illusion and we’re all going to die? Or is she sad because she must live in a world where Batman wears pants that look like M.C. Hammer’s?

So many questions.

Talkin’ numbers at the Engine

The posting of the latest DC sales trends has led to quite an interesting thread at The Engine, as many Vertigo creators and other commiserate on a world of periodical sales hovering at the 10k mark, and waiting for the trade, comics downloading and so on are examined in the harsh light of day.
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NYCC Saturday Sell-out

Ticket’s being sold ONLINE for Saturday at the New York Comic-Con have sold out, we’re told.

New York Comic Con (NYCC) officials want fans to know that tickets for Saturday, February 24 are sold out on the NYCC website. However, tickets for Saturday are still available through the many comic retailers who are also selling tickets for the show. A full list of these comic retailers is below.

A limited number of weekend passes are still available for purchase, as are both Friday (February 23) and Sunday (February 25) day tickets. These tickets are available through both the NYCC website as well as at comic book retailers.

“In order to avoid any overcrowding at the convention, we have set limits on the number of tickets available for each day of the show,” notes Greg Topalian, NYCC Event Director. “Saturday is the first day to sell out, but we want to stress that there are definitely tickets still available. We want to encourage the many fans who may want to attend NYCC to act fast.”

Convention organizers further note that advance ticket purchase is the best way to guarantee entrance to the show.

Retailers who have ticket availability include:

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21/7/2007 — Deathly Hallows Day!

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KELLY too raw for Nerve

Kellyact2 Front is a website that has been helping genteel, trend-conscious, Portishead-loving urban types hook up for many years, in a zipless, painfree, sex-positive environment. Come on, you know you went there. Not too long ago, Dan Goldman announced that his webcomic KELLY would be appearing there, but now…it looks like it won’t. Goldman writes:

Recently, I announced that Act Two of “KELLY” would begin on early this month. Yesterday morning, I was informed that it will in fact not be appearing on their site at all.

What does that mean for our little friends and their grimy adventures? It means we’re debuting “KELLY” on ACT-I-VATE, now, today. I’ve spent the last month working on this sans the welcome company of your lovely feedback. This is some of my favorite work to date, so get ready to fling some kisses.

But all is not lost, especially for those going to the sure-to-be-epic Act-i-Vate 1 year anniversary party tonight.

I’ll be presenting (and projecting) the entire too-raw-for-Nerve installment of “KELLY” tomorrow night at our ACT-1-VERSARY party, so you local cats are in for a treat. The rest of yez, sit tight and enjoy the ride over the next few weeks on

Over at the Engine, Goldman explains a bit more of what went wrong:

On Monday, their editor said the sex was “too negative” in his email to me, which makes very little sense given that it’s a (albeit trippy and obtuse) romance comic.

Well, first it was THE BOYS, now it’s KELLY. Damn these dark comics! Thank God Marvel and DC are still giving us positive, light-hearted adventures to read.

Ross Campbell forced to abandon character

200702010154Via Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat a comment thread wherein OEL manga-ka, and now Minx creator Ross Campbell reveals that at least one contract at Tokyopop ended a bit sadly:

Alas for The Abandoned 2, i sorta quit Tokyopop after the first book, i had a crummy experience with them (requiring a long rant to explain, heh). but i’m pitching the sequel’s material to another publisher, but unfortunately without Rylie because Tokyopop owns the rights (d’oh!). so hopefully that’ll get picked up, and also hopefully in the future i’ll be able to get the rights to Rylie back and she’ll make a triumphant return in my third zombie apocalypse book. keep your fingers crossed!

Tintin wonders why, and this leads to sleuthing from Johanna, which takes us to Campbell’s blog. If you hit the link you will be greeted by gruesome pictures of his colonoscopy, but here’s a selection:

what happened when The Abandoned was being put together back in December, my previous editor took a big holiday vacation early, and left all this unfinished business on the book. so to make the print date, a bunch of other editors had to finish everything my editor left. there was some stuff i had to fix so the book would print correctly, and everyone was rushing around being insane trying figure out what to do. so meanwhile, i pretty much had no editor for about 2 weeks or something, so nobody had a “go-to” guy for anything, and although it should’ve been me obviously, that’s not what happened. considering the amount of confusion and craziness surrounding The Abandoned in that time, i guess i’m surprised the thing made it out as good as it is.


my first problem with the book is that on every page, there’s a black bar at the bottom, like where the graphics people put the page numbering, and it covers up varying amounts of the panels on the lowest row.

More in the link…and colonoscopy photos. Only love can break your heart, kids.

And now you know…the rest of the story: Jose Varela

7625 1
Jose Varela, freelance editorial cartoonist for El Nuevo Herald in Miami gained himself a bit of notoriety last fall for walking into his paper’s editorial offices with a knife and a toy machine gun, creating a 3 1/2 hour standoff with police. Editorial differences were at the heart of the action, Varela told Mega TV

“They see everything black and white, Bush or Fidel. They don’t see any shades of grey, which is unfortunate because life does not work that way. They would toss away my work; my cartoons were censured. Management’s actions sent the newspaper back to the Stone Age. Throwing away my work was like tearing me to pieces.”

Yesterday, Varela pleaded no contest to assault and burglary charges and received two years probation.

Circuit Judge David Young sentenced Varela to two years of probation with the special conditions that he attend anger control classes, continue psychiatric counseling and make a donation to a victim’s assistance fund.

Young withheld adjudication, meaning Varela’s record will not reflect a conviction if he complies with the conditions of his probation.

Varela could have faced life in prison if he had been convicted on all three counts of aggravated assault that prosecutors initially charged him with.

Quick hits

Rivkah is hiring.

First Second’s Spring ’07 catalog is up and it looks awesome: Campbell, Sfar, Guilbert, and more.

• THEM, the TV show based on the Image comic SIX, os shooting a pilot by Fox:

Production Co.: CBS Par TV/Circle of Confusion Prods.
Production Team: Jonathan Mostow, David Eick, John McNamara, David Engel, David Alpert, Lawrence Mattis
Centers on an extraterrestrial sleeper cell that has infiltrated the human race. The cell’s mission is compromised when its members begin to express human emotions. Based on the graphic novel

Now corporate raider Carl Icahn — who famous viewed for Marvel — is after Motorola.

Warner Bros. mysteriously buys ANOTHER Wonder Woman script, besides the Joss Whedon one which has been in the works for two years.

So why does the studio want another “Wonder Woman” script? Sources said the purchase is a pre-emptive measure aimed at taking the spec off the market to protect itself against the possibility that any similarities between the scripts could be fodder for future legal action. It is understood that the Jennison-Strickland script is set against the backdrop of World War II, while Whedon’s script is set in the present day.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force emboldens terrorists

Normally when you say a film is a suspected bomb threat, it means its box office prospects are the other side of dismal. However, the AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE movie took things to a whole new level yesterday when a Lite-Bright-like viral marketing campaign was mistaken for a terrorist threat:

Turner Broadcasting acknowledged late this afternoon that the suspicious packages that ignited fears of bombs across Boston today were magnetic lights that were part of an outdoor marketing campaign for an adult cartoon.

Turner was promoting Adult Swim’s animated television show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” in Boston and nine other cities, according to a statement e-mailed by Shirley Powell, a company spokeswoman.

“Parent company Turner Broadcasting is in contact with local and federal law enforcement on the exact locations of the billboards,” the state an e-mail statement said. “We regret that they were mistakenly thought to pose any danger.”

Even the Governor got into the act:

“It’s a hoax — and it’s not funny,” said Gov. Deval Patrick, who said he will speak to the state’s attorney general “about what recourse we may have.”

Turner Broadcasting, a division of Time Warner Inc. and parent of Cartoon Network, said the devices were part of a promotion for the TV show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” a surreal series about a talking milkshake, a box of fries and a meatball.

Two members of the streets team have been arrested and charged with “one felony charge of placing a hoax device and one charge of disorderly conduct.”

Interestingly, similar campaigns have been in place for several weeks in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Only nervous nellie Bostonites — doubtless anxious about the Red Sox’s starting pitching this year — made the terrorist connection.

And here’s your New Media tie in angle: the campaign was thought to be the work of Graffiti Research Lab but was instead found to be the product of a copy-cat vandal.

You may have heard about the most recent terror attacks in Boston. This is NOT the work of the Graffiti Research Lab. We just downloaded this link from youtube. It’s Just more mindless corporate vandalism from a guerilla marketer who got busted. Interference Inc, welcome to the world of being misunderstood, scapegoated, demonized and wanted by the law. Still want to be a graffiti artist? For more on this most recent terror attack from the axis of evil (corporations, advertisers, marketers) check out this civic-minded citizens post on Flickr.

You can see the actual Graffiti Research Lab in action here.

Kibbles, bits: “It’s so invigorating. I just love it. “

§ Beat Pal “Casey” writes to say:

Brian Michael Bendis was on Howard Stern Tuesday morning. He wasn’t on the actual show, just an interview with the Howard News team that they play in between the breaks. Kinda neat!

§ Wizard interview STAN SAKAI, who has been at USAGI YOJIMBO for 22 years, a run of some 160 issues that may just be second behind CEREBUS for continued achievement. And he’s still going.

Q:…so if you look at everything you’ve done with Usagi to date, from when you self-published through Fantagraphics and Mirage and everything, what goals did you have back then that you feel you’ve met with the book? And how have your goals for the book changed?

SAKAI: Well, it’s changed a lot, because especially back then, I just hoped to get the next issue in before the deadline. It was pretty much thinking one or two months in advance. “I’ve got another story to write, and I hope the sales continue to [rise] so Usagi can continue on.” Now, though, it’s about thinking in the long term. It’s not just what’s happening next month, but next year or two years from now or even more. There are stories that I’ve laid groundwork for that won’t be told for another three or four years.

§ Larry Young and Mimi Rosenheim star in a short film about AIT/PlanetLar.

§ See Spurge deliver a great punchline.

§ Our reporter who has learned about comics for the day comes from the Deseret News which gives us all kinds of useful definitions along the way. Emphasis ours.

Graphic novels are a loose genre comprising lengthy comic books — often hundreds of pages long — that contain literary elements such as a plot and characterization.

Some graphic novels feature favorite comic figures, such as Superman. Others are fantastical adventures, Japanese comics, or attempts to retell Shakespeare. One of the most famous graphic novels is “V for Vendetta,” by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. It was made into a movie and released on DVD last August.

Among Arrington’s favorite graphic novels are “Fullmetal Alchemist” books by Hiromu Arakawa, a tale about orphans who try to bring their mother back to life with alchemy. “It’s a wonderful story,” said Arrington, a ninth-grader at Orem’s Lakeridge Junior High. “It’s so invigorating. I just love it.”

§ The Phoenix Comicon went well:

§ When he’s not producing operas, Shannon Wheeler likes to drink civit shit coffee.

What’s Nicolas Cage up to?

73140235We haven’t been blogging much about GHOST RIDER because…well, let’s face it, it’s been around forever,and we already played out that whole “Nicolas Cage’s life dream is to play a superhero” bit. A few little news snippets have been surfacing. Like how he baffled co-star Eva Mendes and her out-of-control breasts with his bold acting choices:

Eva Mendes, who co-stars with Nicolas Cage in the upcoming Ghost Rider, told SCI FI Wire that Cage had an unorthodox way of getting into his character. “He would have the script, and he would come to the set and do the opposite of what was on the page,” Mendes said at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention last week. “Nic would take it to another level.” Mendes added: “He would flip everything that was happening in the script that day, it was fascinating. I expected the unexpected, and that’s what I got.”

Cage’s most recent coif has also drawn negative attention at Go Fug Yourself for its Tom Hanks-like properties:

Unfortunately for Nic, trotting around in hair befitting an alleyway rapist isn’t actually going to make his movie about a flaming skeleton biker look any less wretched.

Oh yes, the film is also getting major exposure in a coveted Super Bowl ad spot.

The film opens on February 16.

Hail, Hail the gang’s all here

We’ll be at the Act-i-vate party tonight and SO WILL YOU. Everyone’s gonna be there. Cindy the Intern may even make an appearance. K. Thor’s release party is also just around the corner, so the entire East Village is going to be invaded by cartoonists and everyone can run back and forth. There may well be mirth—we’re counting on it, in fact. We hear Chip was crashing at Dino’s pad, and you KNOW there was either mirth or a yaoi comic.

Lost in the mirth is our next big essay on The State of Comics. We just couldn’t hack it. Too much else going on. We’re sorry. And we’re going to be way too hungover tomorrow to work on it.

At least the floors are clean.