Didio stunningly reveals vague hints

Meanwhile, the probable culprit for the lowering sales at the bottom of the scale is the sponge-like effect of all the events at the top. At Newsarama, Dan Didio answers 20 questions on that DC teaser image that will keep everyone yapping and blabbing for the next 1,000,000 internet page views. Didio is a smart […]

Talkin’ numbers at the Engine

The posting of the latest DC sales trends has led to quite an interesting thread at The Engine, as many Vertigo creators and other commiserate on a world of periodical sales hovering at the 10k mark, and waiting for the trade, comics downloading and so on are examined in the harsh light of day.

NYCC Saturday Sell-out

Ticket’s being sold ONLINE for Saturday at the New York Comic-Con have sold out, we’re told. New York Comic Con (NYCC) officials want fans to know that tickets for Saturday, February 24 are sold out on the NYCC website. However, tickets for Saturday are still available through the many comic retailers who are also selling […]

KELLY too raw for Nerve

Nerve.com is a website that has been helping genteel, trend-conscious, Portishead-loving urban types hook up for many years, in a zipless, painfree, sex-positive environment. Come on, you know you went there. Not too long ago, Dan Goldman announced that his webcomic KELLY would be appearing there, but now…it looks like it won’t. Goldman writes: Recently, […]

Ross Campbell forced to abandon character

Via Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat a comment thread wherein OEL manga-ka, and now Minx creator Ross Campbell reveals that at least one contract at Tokyopop ended a bit sadly: Alas for The Abandoned 2, i sorta quit Tokyopop after the first book, i had a crummy experience with them (requiring a long rant to explain, heh). […]

And now you know…the rest of the story: Jose Varela

Jose Varela, freelance editorial cartoonist for El Nuevo Herald in Miami gained himself a bit of notoriety last fall for walking into his paper’s editorial offices with a knife and a toy machine gun, creating a 3 1/2 hour standoff with police. Editorial differences were at the heart of the action, Varela told Mega TV […]

Quick hits

• Rivkah is hiring. • First Second’s Spring ’07 catalog is up and it looks awesome: Campbell, Sfar, Guilbert, and more. • THEM, the TV show based on the Image comic SIX, os shooting a pilot by Fox: ThemProduction Co.: CBS Par TV/Circle of Confusion Prods.Production Team: Jonathan Mostow, David Eick, John McNamara, David Engel, […]