Kellyact2 Front is a website that has been helping genteel, trend-conscious, Portishead-loving urban types hook up for many years, in a zipless, painfree, sex-positive environment. Come on, you know you went there. Not too long ago, Dan Goldman announced that his webcomic KELLY would be appearing there, but now…it looks like it won’t. Goldman writes:

Recently, I announced that Act Two of “KELLY” would begin on early this month. Yesterday morning, I was informed that it will in fact not be appearing on their site at all.

What does that mean for our little friends and their grimy adventures? It means we’re debuting “KELLY” on ACT-I-VATE, now, today. I’ve spent the last month working on this sans the welcome company of your lovely feedback. This is some of my favorite work to date, so get ready to fling some kisses.

But all is not lost, especially for those going to the sure-to-be-epic Act-i-Vate 1 year anniversary party tonight.

I’ll be presenting (and projecting) the entire too-raw-for-Nerve installment of “KELLY” tomorrow night at our ACT-1-VERSARY party, so you local cats are in for a treat. The rest of yez, sit tight and enjoy the ride over the next few weeks on

Over at the Engine, Goldman explains a bit more of what went wrong:

On Monday, their editor said the sex was “too negative” in his email to me, which makes very little sense given that it’s a (albeit trippy and obtuse) romance comic.

Well, first it was THE BOYS, now it’s KELLY. Damn these dark comics! Thank God Marvel and DC are still giving us positive, light-hearted adventures to read.