200702010154Via Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat a comment thread wherein OEL manga-ka, and now Minx creator Ross Campbell reveals that at least one contract at Tokyopop ended a bit sadly:

Alas for The Abandoned 2, i sorta quit Tokyopop after the first book, i had a crummy experience with them (requiring a long rant to explain, heh). but i’m pitching the sequel’s material to another publisher, but unfortunately without Rylie because Tokyopop owns the rights (d’oh!). so hopefully that’ll get picked up, and also hopefully in the future i’ll be able to get the rights to Rylie back and she’ll make a triumphant return in my third zombie apocalypse book. keep your fingers crossed!

Tintin wonders why, and this leads to sleuthing from Johanna, which takes us to Campbell’s blog. If you hit the link you will be greeted by gruesome pictures of his colonoscopy, but here’s a selection:

what happened when The Abandoned was being put together back in December, my previous editor took a big holiday vacation early, and left all this unfinished business on the book. so to make the print date, a bunch of other editors had to finish everything my editor left. there was some stuff i had to fix so the book would print correctly, and everyone was rushing around being insane trying figure out what to do. so meanwhile, i pretty much had no editor for about 2 weeks or something, so nobody had a “go-to” guy for anything, and although it should’ve been me obviously, that’s not what happened. considering the amount of confusion and craziness surrounding The Abandoned in that time, i guess i’m surprised the thing made it out as good as it is.


my first problem with the book is that on every page, there’s a black bar at the bottom, like where the graphics people put the page numbering, and it covers up varying amounts of the panels on the lowest row.

More in the link…and colonoscopy photos. Only love can break your heart, kids.


  1. That sucks.
    I really loved The Abandoned, and have been eagerly awaiting the second volume.
    I picked it up because of a good review I read, but wasn’t expecting too much.
    I just wanted some zombie action between Walking Dead trades.
    I ended up being blown away by the art, and the characters were great.
    I hope Rylie returns some day.
    I’ll be picking up the Minx book too.

  2. We love Rylie!! What a great graphic novel. What fabulous characters! We’re wating with baited breath for the sequel. And here hoping you get Rylie back!