Fund set up for Rahimi

Last week we reported on the very, very sad story of Afghani political cartoonist Shiraga Rahimi, a father of nine who was killed by a truck while making his last pizza delivery of the night in Hamilton, Ontario. The Hamilton Spectator – News has more updates including news of a fund to aid his nine […]

Bitpass closes

Do you remember micropayments? Well, if you ever listened to Scott McCloud in the 90s you do. Micropayments were the idea that you could make a few cents every time someone read y our webcomic, or blog or whatever. Bitpass ws a company that was set up to enable micropayments — now it has gone […]

‘Couriers’ optioned to Rogue

Brian Wood and Rob G’s COURIERS, has been optioned by Rogue Pictures, according to The Hollywood Reporter: Rogue Pictures and Intrepid Pictures have picked up the movie rights to “Couriers,” a series of action graphic novels, and have set writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach to adapt. Written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Rob G, the series […]

Silver Surfer forgot trunks

Ain’t It Cool News breaks the news that perhaps the CGI animators were having some fun with the Silver Surfer’s franks and beans in the recently released trailer for FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. They also make the joke that had to be made: I guess now we know what they mean by […]

Markosia returns

Markosia is one of the more recently founded comics publishers, and like most recently founded comics publishers who tried to publish periodical comics (aka “pamphlets) they had some ups and downs. However, it appears they are back on track with a new publisher, editor and Tony Lee back doing the PR and stepping in as […]

Rivkah tackles Bat-girl

Batgirl continued to be a hot topic around the blogosphere water-cooler this weekend. Some like her; others are more ambivalent and long for Barbara Gordon. Rivkah took a stab at a more playful version of the character (who is now a villain.) Of course, in my made-up wonderland, Batgirl is a blonde, originates from suburbia, […]

Manga corner: mini Tezuka. manga costs, etc.

§ MangaCast has news of SegaToys plans to reproduce 400 mini-manga collecting the works of Osamu Tezuka: The books are truly mini in every sense including price. Each one of the books is 5cm wide by 6.7cm tall and between .7 to 1.0cm thick! The first set of 200 books will be priced competitively at […]

Stan Lee: games trump movies

Still out there believing and thinking, Stan Lee thinks video games have even more potential than movies for comics tie-ins: As significant as Hollywood has been in reviving the Marvel brand, Stan Lee believes video games can have an even bigger impact on the growth of the comic book label. “Video games are more exciting, […]