Still out there believing and thinking, Stan Lee thinks video games have even more potential than movies for comics tie-ins:

As significant as Hollywood has been in reviving the Marvel brand, Stan Lee believes video games can have an even bigger impact on the growth of the comic book label. “Video games are more exciting, more colorful and more complex than motion pictures,” says Lee, “”In a movie, you just sit and watch. [In a game] you’re not only seeing the story but you’re participating in the story.”

Despite Lee’s enthusiasm for the games medium, he admits he doesn’t have the time or the skill to play video games. Lee is certainly not alone, which explains why Marvel movies have grossed billions of dollars, while the games have managed only hundreds of millions in sales (hardly insignificant, but nonetheless paled by the film industry’s results). Still, Lee remains optimistic about the future dominance of Marvel games, hoping to become more involved with game makers’ efforts by contributing to the content and narration of future titles.