Big Apple this weeked; future = ?

There’s a Big Apple show this week at the Penn Plaza Pavilion. It’s a Fan Appreciation Show with FREE ADMISSION to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversay. Guests include Soupy Sales, Larry Storch and even some comickers like Alex Maleev. However, the future of this show may be in doubt, as apparently, the Pennsylvania Hotel is […]

Onion has our number

The Onion proves it still has what it takes to skewer the zeitgiest with this satirical jibe at many trends covered daily in The Beat : New Archie Graphic Novel Explores Rich Inner Life Of Jughead : Publisher Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. released a new Archie Comics graphic novel Tuesday, Heavy Is The Head That […]

Now that is comics

It’s been a few years since Jeff Smith wrapped up his masterpiece, Bone. In the meantime he’s been traveling around the world and puttering away on SHAZAM: THE MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL, a four issue prestige mini-series from DC. The first issue launches, at long last, February 7. To get us in the mood, Smith […]

Jim Steranko is peeved

At the Pulse, Hall of Fame artist Jim Steranko frets about a piece of art he gave to a friend’s academic collection that is now being cold on eBay: In the 1970s, I gifted the art to the Harry “A” Chesler Collection at Fairleigh-Dickenson University because I was a friend of Harry’s for many years […]

Sure-to-be adorable Mouse Guard toys imminent

Although the first line of the press release makes no sense to us whatsoever, we are still excited to know that Diamond is putting out MOUSE GUARD toys. We can’t wait to see ’em! Put your pant legs in your boots because the mice from David Petersen’s MOUSE GUARD are coming courtesy of Diamond Select […]


We received a nice note from Alice Hunt of the new Sugarskull webcomics collective, with a bit more information: Sugarskull is a group of people who are making the comics that they want to read; we’re attempting to provide the world with something fresh and interesting, rather than the same-old same-old. The problem is that […]

Does Batgirl have a more flattering angle?? UPDATE

Johanna is “stunned” to see the picture DC’s official website picked for Batgirl’s OFFICIAL picture…and frankly, so are we. The bulbous insect head is still there, and now her mouth is revealed, but bloodied. Also visible are her breasts, as her costume has conveniently been ripped open to show cleavage. Why would you choose an […]

All kinds of links

We mean it, Seriously…hold on to your hats! This is WILD! § Mark Evanier and Marv Wolfman offer their reviews of BORAT: Mark: I guess I didn’t like Borat the Character much. Many of those he encountered on his shlep across America were jerks but he was usually a bigger jerk. Matter of fact, the […]