24 Jack Photo 01 DpThere’s been so much hoopla over the new season of 24 that even The Beat — who normally eschews serial television–has gotten caught up in the excitement. And part of that excitement is news of a series of 24 toys from McFarlane. However, it seems that the toys are coming out very much DESPITE the enthusiasm of star Kiefer Sutherland who mistakenly set fire to a precious prototype during a night of drunken boozing:

Sutherland explains, “They tried to come out with one a couple of years ago and they had sent me the doll for my approval… We took the doll out for a night to have some fun and we’d had some drinks. We sat it on the corner of the table.

“We started torturing him around 11 o’clock at night, and, by two o’clock in the morning, we had set him on fire in the parking lot. We got up the next day and there was just this puddle of wax. His clothes didn’t burn, which I thought was pretty cool… and then I got a call the next day saying, ‘Did you like the doll?’ I said, ‘Yeah, it was great.’ And they said, ‘Well, OK, good, you gotta send it back to us because that was the prototype… It took that guy a year to make it.’

“I said, ‘Well, let me look for it, I think I left it in the trailer.’ This went on for about a week and then I had to just kinda come clean.”

There are all sorts of morals to be drawn from this story, so many we’re dizzy. Foremost among them: are these alcohol-soaked toy torturing movie stars any kind of role models for the youth of today?


  1. This story was just too good. It also reminds me of what I did with the Spawn prototypes I had after I left McFarlane Toys……


    I still have em’.

    Fun story!