We received a nice note from Alice Hunt of the new Sugarskull webcomics collective, with a bit more information:

Sugarskull is a group of people who are making the comics that they want to read; we’re attempting to provide the world with something fresh and interesting, rather than the same-old same-old. The problem is that the same-old same-old sells–even on the Internet, where no money changes hands, it can be hard for comics to find an audience unless they appeal to an established demographic. Good stories can get lost or ignored because of it; by banding together, we hope to prevent that.

Each of the comics in Sugarskull is very different, but each has a special quirk that sets them apart. They’re a little dark, a little festive, and a little sweet, like the candies that inspired the name, and there are five in total:

Vampirates, by Jones
The Awakened, by Sarah Davis
Goodbye Chains, by Alice Hunt
The Reader, by Sarah Glidden
Keeps, by David Patty

Introductions and links to each of the comics can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/candycalavera/.

Vampirates, at least, drawn in a manga-esque style, would seem to be a no-brainer for some publisher out there. Check it out.