Help Spike print TEMPLAR, AZ

Webcomicker Spike is trying to get advance orders to help her print a collection of her long-runningTemplar, Arizona: So here’s the deal. I want to publish Templar, Arizona on paper. But I can’t, because that costs money. It costs three thousand dollars, and I don’t have three thousand dollars to spare. So I want to […]

Mainstream comics news and views

§ CBR presents an archival interview with the late Dave Cockrum about his model kit designs: DC: I did a set of science fiction characters and a time machine that would link them to the Prehistoric Scenes line. It never got off the paper, but they liked it. It might have been a little too […]

News from around the world

§ Our Spanish is not very good, but this story seems to be saying that Warners will be producing comics (and other stuff) based on Luchadores — masked Mexican wrestlers — in Mexico: Atlantis comentó lo anterior y detalló que tanto las caricaturas como los comics serán de aventuras, en los que los luchadores enfrentarán […]

Manga news and notes

§ If you’re in the Washington DC area, you’ll want to check out this show at the Japan Information and Culture Center: Shojo Manga! Girl Power! “Girls’ Comics from Japan”January 29th – March 16th, 2007Girls’ comics, or Shojo Manga occupy a very special place in the world of Japanese comics. Not just tales of love, […]

Yahoo! teams with Gotham Group

This press release struck our fancy, because it seems to presage the kind of content development deals that will become more and more prevalent in the YouTube universe. Icebox, Stan Lee Entertainment and Oxygen may have been ahead of their time, but short animated webisodes would seem to have a very viable future. Gotham Group […]

Two things to look for in GHOST RIDER

Maxim has an article on sultry Eva Medes up, and apparently, she bulked up for her role as Roxanne in February’s GHOST RIDER — but not in the way you’re thinking: Comic book fans can be a tough crowd to please, which is making Eva Mendes a little nervous about how fans will react to […]

Yes I know

There was a lot of weird shit going on with The Beat yesterday — at one point it had reverted to December. Something was going on with the server, apparently. Everything is working normally now. We’re really, really, really trying to concentrate on getting out year end thoughts, best-of list and so on put together, […]