Maxim has an article on sultry Eva Medes up, and apparently, she bulked up for her role as Roxanne in February’s GHOST RIDER — but not in the way you’re thinking:

Comic book fans can be a tough crowd to please, which is making Eva Mendes a little nervous about how fans will react to her casting as Roxanne in the Ghost Rider movie. She told Maxim magazine that while she doesn’t have exactly the same look as the character, hopefully, her enormous breasts will make up for it.

“The original Roxanne was blonde and blue-eyed, but also had huge bajoongas. If I gain weight it goes to my boobs and my butt. I figured since I can’t be blonde and blue-eyed, I’ll at least have her bra size. So the bajoongas got big. They were out of control.”

Out of control. More pics in links.


  1. Judging by Eva’s appearance at last week’s LA Shrine convention, she has every right to brag about her appearance. Eva in person is absolutely the most gorgeous and kindest celebrity I’ve ever seen in the flesh. This gal was hugging ten year olds and kissing babies! How could you not fall in love with her.

    Oh, Mark Johnson informed us that the Preacher series being done for HBO is not a mini-series but a on going series. He’s supposed to meet up with Garth Ennis in New York to show him the pilot script.



  2. Eva Mendes is going to look so Hot in this movie! I think it’s going to be one of the greatest film ever! oh! Have you guys ever heard of Such a cool webcite! I couldn’t stop laughing…