Santojr§ Our Spanish is not very good, but this story seems to be saying that Warners will be producing comics (and other stuff) based on Luchadores — masked Mexican wrestlers — in Mexico:

Atlantis comentó lo anterior y detalló que tanto las caricaturas como los comics serán de aventuras, en los que los luchadores enfrentarán a duros adversarios. Todo será producido por el canal de televisión Warner Chanel y tanto las transmisiones como los productos estarán disponibles a través de los sistemas de paga y por Intenet.

“Es un proyecto interesante y divertido porque la gente nos podrá ver en historias divertidas. Me parece que son opciones atractivas para los niños por el formato, de caricaturas y de comics, que además son muy cercanos a ellos”.

“Los veinte luchadores que prestamos nuestro nombre e imagen pertenecemos al Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), por lo que consideró que el público también encontrará historias entretenidas con sus héroes favoritos como protagonistas.

[Thanks to CFK for the link.]


  1. For all those who don’t speak Spanish,here’s a translation:
    Atlantis* commented this and said that the cartoons as well as the comics would be in the adventure genre, with luchadores facing off tough adversaries. Everything will be produced by the Warner Channel network and the episodes and related merchandise will be available on cable TV and internet.

    “This is an interesting and amusing project because people will be able to see us in fun stories. I think that these are some attractive options for children because of its format of cartoons and comics, as these [media] are close to them”.

    “The twenty luchadores who lent our names and images, all we belong to the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL; World Council of Lucha Libre), so I consider that the public will also find the stories entertaining as they feature their favorite [sports] heroes as the stars.

    *Atlantis is a well-known mexican luchador.

  2. I wish we’d get some Luchadore import movies with subtitles or voiceovers. That silly Jack Black movie made me want to see some of the real deal. We get all this stuff from Hong Kong but we have way more Mexican immigrants and we only get their sexy movies, not their campy muscle movies. What about us geeks who don’t ever have sex but like fighting, huh? We’ll support some Spanish imports that speak to our non-sex, action-glorifying imaginations!