Bruce for Old Spice

Thanks to y’all for the get well wishes. Although our constitution has suffered grievously, our time of recuperation and the imbibement of healthful nourishment has made for some small recovery. In the meantime to those of you who wished us Bruce Campbell, Beat pal jason sent us the link to his new Old Spice Campaign. […]

Dark Horse on AMS/PGW and 300

We had a chance to talk to Dark Horse vp of Business Development Michael Martens about the recent Chapter 11 of distributor AMS/PGW. Martens pointed out, as many reports have noted, that PGW, the distribution arm of AMS, was actually solvent, and indeed, numerous reports have it on the block to help pay off AMS’s […]

The Cowboys & Aliens “scandal”

We’re the very last person to link to this, but last week A. David Lewis was up in arms about PLATINUM’s first actual book, COWBOYS & ALIENS, being named as the #1 graphic novel in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. What smarts most is that C&A is listed as the top-selling graphic novel. Yes, Entertainment Weekly crowns it […]

Yet more on SCOOTLES

We also received a noe from Shelley Madeja, the manager of HCNoel comics taking issue with our own recent post on the SCOOTLES brouhaha. Madeja objected to our characterizing SCOOTLES as “unprofitable.” I would like to know where the factual basis for the unprofitable statement came from, as Mr. Scootle has yet to be widely […]

Gagnon responds

Our reporting on the Mr. Scootles controversy the other day drew some response from former Open Book publisher Mike Gagnon who sent us the following open letter. We’re still recuperating and away from home, so we’ll refrain from interpretation at this point, but in the interests of fairness, here’s his letter: Recently several comic news […]

Fingerman, Novelist

Cartooner Bob Fingerman (RECESS PIECES) is joining the reverse commute club as he goes from drawing pictues to writing novels. His debut, BOTTOMFEEDER, is out this month: My debut novel, BOTTOMFEEDER, is now available and I want everyone to buy a copy and read it. I’m really proud of this book, and getting it published […]