We had a chance to talk to Dark Horse vp of Business Development Michael Martens about the recent Chapter 11 of distributor AMS/PGW. Martens pointed out, as many reports have noted, that PGW, the distribution arm of AMS, was actually solvent, and indeed, numerous reports have it on the block to help pay off AMS’s debt. PGW is Dark Horse’s distributor for only M Press and DH Press domestically (although the do handle Dark Horse’s international sales), and according to Martens, “Due to our use of multiple distributors, this is not going to cause any interruption in flow of our books, for any of our imprints to any class or trade or market. PGW has been very good about staying in contact, and very cooperative.” He expects the situation to have minimal impact on Dark Horse.

And it certainly won’t affect 300 sales or distribution. On a happier note, Martens reports that DH had sold 76,000 copies of the Frank Miller/Lynn Varley graphic novel by the fall, blew through another 35,000 copies in December and will ship another 50,000 copies in next month. At $30 a pop, those are very healthy numbers.


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