We also received a noe from Shelley Madeja, the manager of HCNoel comics taking issue with our own recent post on the SCOOTLES brouhaha. Madeja objected to our characterizing SCOOTLES as “unprofitable.”

I would like to know where the factual basis for the unprofitable statement came from, as Mr. Scootle has yet to be widely released to the public, so has not yet had a chance to measure profitability. Talks with Diamond are already underway and we have received very good comments so far. Mr. Scootles will officially be soliciting Diamond for distribution this year.

Fair play on that one. Madeja also explained that Scootles is “a 1930’s cartoon character that fails miserably while other characters of the era are successful. This leads the creator to commit suicide … and the story goes on. The actual story is about a cartoon failure, thus the MySpace tagline, ‘Your favorite cartoon failure.'”

You can actually read a preview of the book over at Newsarama, so everyone can judge for themselves.

As we mentioned before, we’re still under the weather so our usual Scotland Yard-like investigation will have to be put on hold for a bit.