DC Comics Month-to-Month sales: November 2006

by Marc-Oliver Frisch Usually, DC Comics releases around 70 new comic books in a given month, not counting reprints, magazines and titles published through its Johnny DC imprint. In November 2006, the number rose to 88, due to a slew of late-shipping issues from past months and new series launches overlapping with the final issues […]

Links of many kinds

Manga Blog interviews KURT HASSLER! MB: How did your personal tastes affect your choices? KH: I like everything. The way I’m characterized online, I’m the manga guy, but I love comics in general. It’s funny, because Rich Johnson would come over to my house and see all the superhero stuff lining the bookcases and then […]

RIP: Colantuoni, Schaefer, Durkee

A trio of deaths to start the year. Comics Reporter mention the death yesterday of Italian artist, Tiberio Colantuoni, who created the Italian feature Bongo and worked for Disney and many other publishers. Colantuoni was trained as a ceramics painter and worked in that field as a teacher before moving into comics in the mid-1950s, […]

Leni Riefenstahl would have loved this — UPDATED

George Lucas was the Grand Marshal of yesterday’s Rose Bowl Tournament Parade, and some 200 members of the 501st Legion — the guys who dress as Stormtroopers — marched proudly in the parade. Lucas took the opportunity of the attention he got surrounding the parade to announce that filming on the long-awaited INDIANA JONES IV […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2007 edition, part 2

More picks and pans on the past and future from comicdom assembled: Mark Millar, Marvel Civil War, Ultimates 2, 1985, Kick-Ass What was the biggest story in comics in 2006? Modesty forbids me to say my hopeful little Civil War project as it was probably a little too art-house for The Beat’s very mainstream audience […]

Back to the grindstone!

Holidays are over, now the real work has begun. Unfortunately, we’re under the weather with the chest-crushing virus we’ve been avoiding for months and months. So posting will remain feeble for the next while. In the meantime, thanks for the great 2006, everyone. It was a HUGE year for The Beat, what with the move […]