George Lucas was the Grand Marshal of yesterday’s Rose Bowl Tournament Parade, and some 200 members of the 501st Legion — the guys who dress as Stormtroopers — marched proudly in the parade.

Lucas took the opportunity of the attention he got surrounding the parade to announce that filming on the long-awaited INDIANA JONES IV movie will begin in ’07 with an eye for an ’08 release. The film involves the now-60-year-old Indy attempting to deliver a shipment of Excedrin Arthritis Formula and Cialis to the Country Manor Rest Home while fighting his own bout with Restless Leg Syndrome.

UPDATE: Beat Spy Evelyn Tremble made this video in honor of the occasion:


  1. My oldest and best friend is a member of the 501st, which he freely admits is akin to a cult. Thankfully, he’s tended towards “variety” by choosing the role of a speederbike scout. He even has a trading card with him on it. Yes, that’s equal parts cool and spooky.