Ai caramba!


  1. Dang! The headline had me expecting Batgirl, Catwoman and Wonder Woman were all going to meet at the mall for a big sale.

  2. This is better than anything DC is currently publishing, well except “Manhunter” and “Justice League Unlimited.”

    Barbara Gordon with a working spine and back as Batgirl :::Sniff::: I thought this day would never arrive :)


  3. There is not much story about it Heidi, this commercial was part of a line up of Palacio de Hierro (The Iron Palace) commercials that aired at the end of 2005 i think.

    The Advertising of this department store is one of the best in the world in it´s kind, and it is truly way ahead of anything done in U.S.A and the reason it is so good is because they are directed by a woman who dared to make cynic,sarcastic and fun commercials for Rich Jet Set Women and anyone triying to be one for that matter.. and if you could read the ads and look at other commercials you sure would love them too.

    And if you wondered what the commercial text says, this is the translation:

    “As women, we always knew that a clothes change could make us powerful”

    -Totally “Palacio” (meaning that all of them shop at that expensive store and like it that way)


    I hope this answer helps you.

  4. I cant stop watching it! But where’s Supergirl and/or Mera??? Maybe Wonder Woman ran to tell them; ” miren chicas, vamos para Palacios, donde la ropa de mujer te hace sentir poderosa!!!”