Marvel’s 2007 prospects

’07 looks to be a banner year for Marvel, with bof-office smashdom for SPIDER-MAN 3 as sure a thing as is possible in the wild land of Hollywood; FF2, while bemoaned by purists, looks to have a solid audience base, as well. Ghost Rider looks…problematic, but at least nic Cage is happy. Motley Fool has […]

Detailed DC dolls

Robert Tonner is a high end specialty doll maker, whose made collectible figures for Harry Potter and other familiar figures. He’s just turned his skills to the DC Stars Collection: Robert Tonner has long been a fan of the power and might of Super Heroes; each with its own fascinating story of heroic powers and […]

UFC champ hypes 300

Warner’ is teaming with UFC light-heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell to promote 300: Kicking off the promotion, Warner Bros. will be sponsoring Liddell in his next Ultimate Fight in Las Vegas on December 30, 2006. In addition, Liddell will be making personal appearances and will lend his name and likeness to a variety of other promotions […]

Links and thoughts

§ Rafael Kayanan thinks the Silver Surfger would look better without eyeballs. § Jimm Rugg talks about PLAIN JANES, the lead title in the MINX line: “Obviously, I found the story captivating or I wouldn’t have considered drawing it. I find Cecil’s characterizations refreshing, articulate, and thorough. And the story was unusual compared to my […]

Another Rockwell masterpiece drives family apart

Regular readers will recall the tale of “Breaking Home Ties,” the Norman Rockwell painting that turned out to have been a forgery after HENRY cartoonist Don Trachte hid the original from his soon to be ex-wife. Well, the NY Times reports on another Rockwell-inspired family spat, this time among the three sons of Saturday Evening […]


Back in the day! Link via Dino. UPDATE: Okay I am a moron and this is TO TELL THE TRUTH not WHAT’S MY LINE. Haste and idiocy…a deadly combination. In fairness, I never realized until this very moment that these were two different shows. I’m sure Mark Evanier is preparing a hangman’s noose for me […]