Book Seven has a name. Tremble. UPDATE: As for what we know and theories about Book Seven, here from MuggleNet is a list of things that WILL happen in DEALTHLY HALLOWS: Character Information * We will find out something “incredibly important” about Lily Potter * We will find out who R.A.B. is * We will […]

Women’s Work launches

Web cartoon collectives are all the rage, and a new one has just launched with 12 of the best cartoonists around, who all happen to be…women. Women’s Work: a brand-new website for a brand-new collective of women who work in and around the visual and literary industries. Leigh Dragoon Shaenon Garrity Rachel Hartman Lea Hernandez […]

300: toys and games

You may have noticed that we had to take down our thoughts on 300 yesterday, due to…oh, stuff. It’s kind of cool because when you have to take stuff down you’re in the blogging elite. Anyway, it turns out we may be involved in some other V.V. exciting 300-related activities. More to come. We will […]

Breaking: Canadians create comics

What? A book about comics we never heard of? Have we not been paying attention? In this case it’s Invaders From the North, a history of Canadian comics by John Bell. Hour, review the tome: Indeed, in addition to painting a picture of a rich and exciting Canadian comics scene in terms of the more […]

Comic book movies: Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah

Now here’s a comic book we bet you haven’t heard of, but based on this still, wouldn’t you like to? It seems the Phillipines are about to be rocked by Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, a film based on a comic by Carlos Vergara about a gay man who turns into a voluptuous woman warrior. ZSA ZSA […]

Comics for the troops

Heroes4Heroes is launching a non-profit to supply our troops with comics and other entertainment. The effort kicked off at Wizard World Texas. H4H takes donations of media material that they will directly pass on to active military personnel and raises funds to purchase, transport and distribute the donations. – A direct-to-Iraq shipment needs to be […]

Year’s Best Manga mystery

Over at our other day job, this week’s PW Comics Week presented a Critic’s Poll of the year’s best graphic novels. With over 50 titles picked by individual critics, it shows that there was no dearth of riches this year. We also broke out resident manga maven Kai-Ming Cha’s special manga and manhwa lists and […]

Tokyopop hiring

spotted on the Variety job board: The Gig: TOKYOPOP is currently looking to hire a TV/Film Development Associate to work from its Los Angeles based office. The primary functions of this position are: • Participate in early development of manga properties to deliver creative input that would facilitate transition from book-based graphic novel into film, […]

Turk wins Japanese cartooning prize

Call us nuts, but we just love these stories where an Italian wins an Iranian cartoon contest and so on. It shows the whole friggin’ world is in a CRAZY MAD LOVE AFFAIR with COMICS! This time Turkish cartoonist Mehmet Arslan has won the Grand Prize in the 28th Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest.. It was […]


� 24 Hour Comics day is celebrated in MALAYSIA. Gan described the event as �-�super successful, [with a] mix of different levels of cartoonists – professionals (American comics & local comic houses) and non-professionals (newspaper reporters, home maker, food operator, students, lecturers. IT, etc) �-�[The] quality of work [was], not surprisingly, above average. Cedko has […]