Pg224 Hour Comics day is celebrated in MALAYSIA.

Gan described the event as �-�super successful, [with a] mix of different levels of cartoonists – professionals (American comics & local comic houses) and non-professionals (newspaper reporters, home maker, food operator, students, lecturers. IT, etc)

�-�[The] quality of work [was], not surprisingly, above average. Cedko has always believed that Malaysians are a very talented bunch.�-?

� We at the Beat support the celebration of timeless traditions like mistletoe, plum pudding, having to eat grandma’s inedible cookies, baseball, and so on, and the Quad-Cities Online upholds yet another much-loved tradition with this headline: Graphic novels: not your father’s comic book. Ah, yes, the memories.

The Onion AV Club advises a young woman on how to avoid comic book cliches:

On the genre side, I’d like to see more mystery and horror, two pulp art forms that comics have traditionally handled well, and that are underrepresented currently. I’d also like to see more graphic novels that aspire to be literary, and not mere post-adolescent soap operas and melodramas. Too many of the non-fantastic “mature” graphic novels rely on disease, abuse, cultural identity crises, or just a generalized youthful ennui. All of these are fair subjects for literature�-�graphic or not�-�but it’s starting to seem like cartoonists don’t think a story is worthy unless it’s either about some really heavy topic, or panders to an audience of romantically challenged undergrads by obsessing over the minutiae of modern relationships. If Alan Moore had ever finished Big Numbers, I’d have a clear example of what I’d like to see more of.

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