You may have noticed that we had to take down our thoughts on 300 yesterday, due to…oh, stuff. It’s kind of cool because when you have to take stuff down you’re in the blogging elite. Anyway, it turns out we may be involved in some other V.V. exciting 300-related activities. More to come. We will say that it looked spectacular, and was the bone-crunching, head-slicing, Spartan-shouting extravaganza they all say. And DDGB was very, very kingly.

In the meantime, we’re a little sad that none of our Beat Spies thought to remind us about all the cool 300 merch coming out. We can’t be EVERYWHERE you know!

1First, as we have mentioned in casual convo with some pals in the past, there WILL be a 300 video game. If ever a movie was made for a video game, it was this, believe you me. GameSpy has a preview of 300: March to Glory:

300: March to Glory doesn’t just celebrate ancient head-popping, but also the upcoming film of the same name. But unlike many modern movie-to-game adaptations, 300 won’t try to recreate the movie scene-for-scene. It’ll draw upon the film (as well as the Frank Miller graphic novel) for inspiration and general style, but will focus more on gameplay than on rehashing every minor plot point. Given the number of ham-fisted movie games that are out there, any sort of variation on the old routine is welcome. Sometimes game designers come up with better level ideas than screenwriters.

In even more exciting (for The Beat) news, Neca will be releasing 300 TOYS., er, action figures. The figures include Immortal, Queen Gorgo, Ephialtes and, of course, Leonidas. We hear the figure’s midsection doubles as a washboard! Not that you can tell from this photo. COME ON, MOVE YOUR GODDAM SHIELD.


  1. well i just watched the film, now i feel like kicking the shit out of someone, i usually feel like that after a great violent film. anyway i’d buy the figures and the game but not march to glory i heard it was crap and there’s gonna be a 300 game coming out on the xbox 360, can’t wait.