spotted on the Variety job board:

The Gig:
TOKYOPOP is currently looking to hire a TV/Film Development Associate to work from its Los Angeles based office. The primary functions of this position are:

• Participate in early development of manga properties to deliver creative input that would facilitate transition from book-based graphic novel into film, television and/or integrated media.
• Extract the essence of the Company’s manga properties, properly reflecting such in written documents such as treatments, synopses, pitches, outlines, concepts, and other appropriate development material.
• Identify programming opportunities based on current cultural trends, scheduling opportunities and positioning titles to meet the needs of studio and network buyers, creating materials (such as written, visual and multimedia presentations) reflecting that positioning.
• Develop, foster, and maintain close relationships with a broad spectrum of members of the creative community (agents, managers, writers, casting agents, actors, directors, and studio executives), pro-actively meeting with such members of the creative community to potentially package the Company’s intellectual properties with such talent attached.
• Collaborate with editorial and marketing team members in the creation of presentations, including website development and title specific sales materials.
• Heavy reading, coverage, and involvement with new manga properties that are under consideration for development and distribution by the Company.
• Work with members of the executive team to attend presentations, participate in tactical and strategic discussions and generally assist the Company’s goals as needed and directed.