Book Seven has a name. Tremble.

UPDATE: As for what we know and theories about Book Seven, here from MuggleNet is a list of things that WILL happen in DEALTHLY HALLOWS:

Character Information

* We will find out something “incredibly important” about Lily Potter
* We will find out who R.A.B. is
* We will discover more about Dumbledore’s past
* We will discover where Snape’s loyalties lie.
* Something will be revealed about Petunia Dursley, although it will not be that she is a Squib
* Viktor Krum will return (World Book Day, 2004 interview)
* We will see a reappearance of Dolores Umbridge – “It’s too much fun to torture her not to have another little bit more before I finish.” (MuggleNet/Leaky Interview)
* JKR has said, “There is a character who does manage, in desperate circumstances, to do magic quite late in life, but that is very rare…”

Plot Information

* Harry will face Voldemort for the final time
* Harry will be attempting to find and destroy Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes
* Harry will return to the Dursleys’ during the school vacation, but the magical protection Dumbledore arranged will expire on his 17th birthday when he comes of age
* Harry will visit Godric’s Hollow
* There will be a reappearance of the two-way mirror
* We will see the wedding of Fleur and Bill Weasley
* The fact that Harry “has his mother’s eyes” will prove to be an important plot point
* At least one character will die


* The last word is expected to be “scar,” but may change
* We will finally learn the full reason why some people become ghosts when they die and others don’t
* The final chapter, which has already been written, will detail what happens to the characters that survive
* There will be no more Quidditch matches


  1. Hi!

    Please explain the title in English, because I’m Hungarian, and i don’t understand exactly Deathly Hollows. “Hollows” is a noun or a verb at this time? The deathly hollows are subjects? Like horcruxes? Or maybe Harry is “hollowed”?


    I’m a very big fan, and I can’t wait until the Hungarian translation…

    Thank you!

    [email protected]


  2. omg!!!!!!!!! i totally can’t wait for this book to come out!!!! I am a dedicated fan and have read all the books sooooo many times!!!!! I don’t think Harry will die, but I think he will end up in in a MAJOR fight with the girl (Bellatrix Lestrange) who killed Sirius; he might also get in a fight with Snape. No matter what happens, I can’t wait for the book!!!!!!!!!


  3. For danihun:

    The title is actually ‘Deathly Hallows’, with an ‘a’. ‘To hallow’ means to make holy, or sanctify. However, there are ways to use this word so that it can mean ‘spirits’ or ‘saints’, such as ‘All Hallows Eve’, or what we have shortened to ‘Halloween’.

  4. dude i love harry potter. number 7 is gonna b awsome. and for all u ppl that dont like hp, suck it!! emma watson, urr sooo hot!!

  5. I am very intrigued by the title of book 7. For what it’s worth, here is what I think will happen:

    Harry, Ron and Hermione will not return to Hogwarts. They will, instead set off in search of the remaining horcruxes. They will make a trip to Godric’s Hollow where Harry will discover something important that his parents hid. At some point, probably toward the end, they will encounter Snape, Malfoy, and Voldamort. Snape will appear to be on Voldamort’s side but, just before Voldamort kills Harry, Snape will step forward, save Harry’s life, and allow Harry to destroy the Dark Lord. Snape will then explain to Harry that Dumbledore instructed him to do whatever was necessary to maintain the appearance of loyalty to Voldamort, even going to far as to kill Dumbledore (as he did in Half-Blood Prince), in order to affort Harry the opportunity to fulfill the prophecy that lead Voldamort to make the attempt on Harry’s life when Harry was an infant. Ron and Hermione will end up together. Both will become Hogwarts professors (Hermione is often compared to Professor Magonigal). Harry and Jenny will be a couple in the end as well.

    Who will die? I think some possibilities include:

    1. One or both or Ron’s parents.
    2. Lucious Malfoy
    3. Hagrid
    4. Professor Lupin (the only remaining member of James Potter’s crew)
    5. Bellatrix Lastrange
    6. Fred or George Weasley (one or the other, but not both)
    7. The Dursleys (if I remember correctly, the spell that has protected them since Harry was a baby expires when Harry turns 17).

    For those who have only read the books, I strongly recommend listening to the audio books as well. Jim Dale does a tremendous job narrating.

  6. That sounds good Chris, but I disagree at some points. At least one of the main trio will die. Or posibly two. Rowling has said that 2 characters will die and I dont think its going to be Joe Shmoe and Billy Dilly. Two main characters are going to die. As for deathly hallows, I have no idea what it is leading to. We can only assume, from othe more recent books that whatever the deathly hallows are, they will not play a major role in the book. This comes from GOF(Is talkd about like once) OOTP (Is talked about but not too often) HBP (Not a main theme). From what evidence we have and what JK has told us we will not be seeing a happy ending for all. I personally belive Harry will survive, leaving his two bst friends behind, showing the sacrafices he must make to save the world.

  7. some how the words deathly hallows remind me of the dementors. The dementors might symbolize deathly halloween spirits and have a nickname of deathly hallows?

  8. Ok, well, hallows (or hallow) means something ‘holy’. I’m not sure what it could be, but I feel that it has something to do with Godric’s Hollow..and most definitely with the finding of the horcruxes.

    Chris, though I agree with most of your points…they are all clearly very obvious, something that J.K. Rowling seems to lack. Yes, she has made a few things very obvious, such as the Ron and Hermione thing, even on occasions the Harry and Ginny deal.

    As for people dying, yes, those are huge possibilities, but it’s going to be someone HUGE in the plot. Think about it. The people who have died in the books have been of TOO much significance to Harry, and like ‘parental’ figures in a way. There was Sirius, someone Harry saw as a father and a brother. And then there was Dumbledore, someone Harry cared for deeply, despite the fact that Harry got angered by him a lot, specifically in the 5th and 6th book. So if two people die, it’s going to be two IMPORTANT people that play a huge role in Harry’s life.

    Anywho. Hogwarts WILL open. According to some facts, apparently one of the characters is going to become a professor at Hogwarts.
    Um, and CHRIS, Lupin isn’t the last one left from James’ crew. Remember, Peter Pettigrew is still alive.

    Oh, and the Dursleys aren’t protected. HARRY is protected by the Dursleys, or more so, by Petunia…because it was her sister that died saving Harry, so yeah. The Dursley’s aren’t really protected by Harry at all. It’s the other way around.

    And I think that halloween spirits thing is a great theory. Makes sense. Halloween=death..or kinda.

    Interesting. i cant wait for the book to come out.

  9. everyone on this forum is stupid except for a few people.( I applaud you “learn to talk”)The majority of you have no idea what you are talking about and you all have bad grammar and abbreviate far too much. here are some examples:

    Vhoni or Yhoni ( or whatever the hell ) said “this book sounds more darker.” – should be, “this book sounds darker.” “more darker” is a redundant statement.

    Thanks to Phil! He made the ever-so intelligent statement, “your all gay.” – should be, “you are all gay,” or “you’re all gay.” the comma is needed along with an e or the two words should be separated completely.

    Mike says, “number 7 is gonna b awsome. and for all u ppl that dont like hp, suck it!!” – clearly this entire sentence has been butchered, Mike. I think you should consider attending grade school again.

    and also since there are numerous times the abbreviation, “omg” shows up I thought I’d just generalize my thoughts. Stop being so lazy. by using “omg” you spend just about a half of a second typing it up. This is opposed to “oh my god” which takes about a second instead. In this situation you must ask yourself one question which is, “Does a half of a second really count?”

    Thanks. I hope ur parents lern u 2 right good.

  10. Thank you for clarifying those little details Lucy. I almost had a heart attack when i saw that! (I know im a nerd.) Anyway yeah this book will be AMAZING!
    PS Harry Potter people are AMAZING!

  11. To the person who keeps bashing every other comment in the book (Who knows why, as they stated nothing beneficial for the sake of book number 7) A comma is different than an apostrophe. “You’re” has an apostrophe, not a comma. I hate to get technical, but for someone who bashes other peoples’ comments (who were actually on subject) you need to research you’re own, as well.

  12. I think all your theories are really interesting and its great getting everyone’s ideas. It’s funny seeing how everyone is so hyped about it…how it bring everyone together….awww….hehe.

    so yes. the next book sounds v.v.v.v.v exciting…everything’s gonna be solved, answered and wrapped up one last time…*bounces*

    and to the people who can only whinge about grammar right now…get a bloody life.

  13. HI!!!! we’re super harry potter’s fun and we’re excited ’cause we’re looking forward to reading the next book of the saga. Who knows what we happen??? Who knows who is going to die?? WE are brothers and sisters and we wanna read the boook as soon as possible!!!!!! Have a good reading!!! @ Danihun: Hallows means rite or valley but we’re no really sure good bye!!!

  14. Oh my gossshhhhhh!!!!! The seventh has finally been revealed! I believe this book is no longer good for the youngsters to read! It’s sounds , from the titile alone, that it would be the (predictable) darkest book among the Harry Potter series (so far?). I guess, it’s not advisable for the kids to read because it’s storyline, I guess, deals more on death than the previous books! Imagine… Deathly Hallow? Zoinks, it’s kinda scary! Yet, I think, Jo won’t kill Harry because Hermione’s still waiting for his love. And I’d daresay, Jo would take King’s advise not to kill the main attraction of the final book. Harry’s journey would all be zoinks if his fate would be like Dumbledore’s. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to its screenplay for the movie! Duh! Steve Kloves again??? Could Jo do something to declaim someone, rather than Mr. Good-for-nothing Steve Kloves , to write for its script? I really hate the results of Steve’s screenplay. There are no justices for the first four movies at all.

  15. I think the title sounds very interesting! I can’t wait till the book is finished :) I’m really curious as to what’s going to happen with Snape! And I want to know more about Voldemort and the Death Eaters (I really liked HBP because of all the new information we got on Voldemort). As to possible deaths, I don’t think Harry will die, but I wouldn’t be surprised (but disappointed!) if McGonagall died somewhere in the 7th book. I think Draco will die. Snape will probably die saving Harry.. or perhaps not.. that’s a bit cliché.. ah well, I think I’ll just wait for the book instead of speculating like this. But as I said, the title sounds very interesting. /Sev (

  16. i do love hp but i dont think hagrid,malfoy or ron and hermione will die but i do agree with chris treadway that when harry goes to godrics hallow they will find something out because the name of the book is called hp and the deathly hallows so i think that is were ither voldemort will die as only 1 can die because 1 must live and you cant go letting voldemort live and harry die because the prophicy (however you spell it) sed only neither can live whilst the other survives so voldemort and som1 will die but i dont think wormtail because in book 3 hp and the poa harry saved wormtails life and dumbldoor sed wormtail will HAVE to repay him but i am also very intrested in who R.A.B is because in book 6 the locket that harry and dumble door whent to destroy was ment to be a horcrux but some1 got there 1st and left the note in the fake 1 cant w8 till its out yay :)

  17. For georgie: you don’t think Wormtail will die? Because I feel that since Voldemort left a mark on Harry, he could possibly have a horcrux within him, and the only way to get it would be to have him killed. BUT! since Wormtail is life indebted to Harry, he is killed instead and that horcrux is recieved by our valiant hero. It’s just a thought, though.

    As for the title….I really hope any of our trio dies. And, even though I do not hope for such a fate, I think Lupin shall die aswell, especially because of my previous thoughts. If that occurs, then all of the Mauradors will die. PLEASE DON’T DIE!!! Oh, I hate the morbid feeling of this name….

  18. “Hallows” can be sacred relics – like the relics of the Founders of Hogwarts. So the hallows could be the remaining horcruxes.
    Or the deathly hallows could be a place that Harry will go – perhaps the place beyond the veil – to interact with the dead.
    Either way, this will be the darkest HP yet!

  19. whoa! I never thought of harry being a horcrux but i totally agree! That sounds like something that JK Rowling would do! Wow good prediction…….. Im gonna go think about it.

  20. ok so my sister was just like if harry has to die to kill voldemort then who will kill voldemort soooo……….. What if Neville ends up killing voldemort?

  21. ….But the prophecy says neither will die while the other lives…So one HAS to kill the other, or both will die.

  22. When I found out what the title was i didn’t know what to make of it ……Guess it will be creepy and good!!! I have always loved the Harry Potter books and this one will be great!!!!In my view Harry and Voldemort will die *sniff*…but that’s the way it has to be.Ya Harry Ron and Herione won’t go back to Hogwarts but they will set out to find the Horcruexs …As to R.A.B I really don’t have a clue who it could be,well it might be someone who has died because the note said “I will be dead long before you find this and so on…” I loved reading the reviews but just chill on the grammar thing ok?
    Can’t wait till it’s out !!!!!!!

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The title is so hot, i kinda think voldemort and harry will fight in godrics hallow because of the title!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MY two favorite things I’ve read on this forum are as follows:

    1. The Deathly Hallows is another name for the Horcruxes
    2. The Deathly Hallows is the name of the place behind the veil in the Department of Mysteries

    Harry would beable to talk to Sirius, Dumbledore, and his parents. That seems really cool.

  25. Ok, so um…about “Hallows”…there were rumors that the british version was going to be ‘Deathly Hallows’ and the American version was going to be ‘Deathly Hollws’. But this rumor is false. Specifically, because JK Rowling doesn’t want to confuse the title with GODRICS HOLLOW.

    The title apparently has no relevance to Godric’s Hollow. So don’t get confused with that.

    As for Harry being a horcrux, I feel like I’ve heard that before. It does seem like something that JK Rowling would do because Dumbledore was never ENTIRELY sure which ones were the horcuxes, he just speculated. And since in order to make horcruxes you have to kill many many people. But actually I’m not sure that would make sense. WAIT. yes it would. But I feel that if this were the case Dumbledore would have figured it out. I mean, now it seems kind of obvious…

    -Only Harry can kill Voldemort
    -Harry has some of Voldemorts powers, which would make sense if part of Voldemorts soul was in Harry, or whatever.
    -Harry’s still alive

    I feel that even though Dumbledore says that love is what saved Harry, there’s more. It’s kind of like Lily’s eyes thing. We all know theres something about that, because it’s so so so so repeated in the book. Think about the amount of times people have asked how Harry survived. I feel that there’s something more to this.

    Interesting. I’m gonna re-read the books and see what I can get.

  26. Ok. There is NO way Harry is a Horcrux.

    Voldemort has been trying to KILL him. Not keep him alive. And there was no way it could have been an accident becuase Slughorn said that there was a specific spell for Horcruxes.

    So yeah.

    Good theory, though.

  27. I believe that as many people have stated, that the most important people will die, for one this is supposed to be the last book, and how often do you read a saga where the main character gets what they want without a price in the end? Personally, I believe Harry will die, along with Voldemort, my Idea is he will make up his own spell like Snape… Although when he makes the spells, hell amke one he only pland to use as a last resort, and in the end he ends up having to use it to save Ginny, Ron, Hermione, maybe even Dudley and His Aunt and Uncle, or maybe all of them. The spell he makes as a last resort would be something like the “Expectro Petronum” spell, the difference is that Harry has to give his own life to save the others by killing Voldemort, so it is like a situation where you hold someone under a steel plank and dropping it on yourself and them… a sacraficial killing… Honestly, most comments were intelligent ones, as I enjoy the statements of opinion, I also sometines enjoy the simple “Harry Potter Rocks” because I believe this is true. So please respond to this with any questions and concerns.

  28. I agree with your statement, myself i think that harry will have to do something like that, but snape will be the one who had made the spell… he just had never written it down. I think he may have planned to use it againts Voldemort, but was too much of a coward to use it, so he tells Harry (partly as a lie) that he is the only one that can use it…because he is the one in accordance to the prophecy…Or maybe Neville might sacrafice himself to save Harry but since Neville’s spells always seem to go wrong…he may not die in the process…? It could Happen!

  29. The symbol of Forseight, I kind of like that idea. The idea that he will die saving others and at the same time kills Voldemort. Interesting…

  30. Well we know for sure that either Harry or Voldemort will die because it was fortold so will it be Harry, Voldemort or both….and maybe it will be another main character (please not Hermione!!)…I also like the idea of the sacrifice….Oh and ‘HARRY POTTER ROCKS!!!!!’

  31. what if harry is a horcrux though? its a very interesting theory… i mean didn’t dumbledore say that voldemort transferred some of his powers to harry the night he for lack of a better word, died? and the parsletoung thing, that is a gift a person is born with, they don’t learn it so couldn’t it be a part of the soul? im so excited for the last book!!!

  32. Heh… like the name, and I’ve been cooking up some theories:

    A) Harry and Voldemort will kill each other with some weird spell
    B) Harry actually IS a horcrux, so he kills himself, allowing Neville to finish off Voldemort.
    C) Ron and Hermione die in a spell they made up themselves, which binds Voldemort and allows Harry to kill him.
    D) Snape duels with Voldemort, along with Ron and Hermione, and when all three of them are dead, Harry will unleash his true powerful hidden magic.

    Just a few theories…

  33. GUYS. Harry CANNOT BE a horcrux.

    I believe Lucy has already explained above why not. VOLDEMORT has been trying to KILL Harry, not keep him alive. He wouldnt want to destroy one of his horcruxes.

    And he can’t have made Harry a horcrux. There’s a spell for that.

  34. I don’t think Harry will die because in all of the Harry Potter books good wins over evil. If Jo killed Harry the whole “good wins over evil” thing would be ruined. It would also stink to know that after all that Harry has been through, voldemort still won. As for who I for who I think will die, I have a hunch that it will be Voldemort and Snape. I think Snape will die saving Harry and either Harry or Snape will kill Voldemort. I agree with what Chris Treadway said about Dumbledore telling Snape to do whatever it takes to keep allies with Voldemort. I think Jo wants us to think Snape is bad so it will be a suprise at the end when he is good. But I guess we won’t know untill we read the book. I can’t wait!!!

  35. I agree that Harry is not a horcrux. I think Harry and Voldemort will die and in the end Ron and Hermione will get married. Also I think Harry will be able to communicate will his parents, Sirius, and Dumbledore while he is fighting Voldemort. Those are just a few ideas i thought of.

  36. anyone got any theories as to what significance lily’s eyes would have to the plot?
    the title ‘deathly hallows’ just sounds ominous.
    oh and, regulus alphard black?

  37. Wouldn’t it be ironic with a book titled “Deathly Hallows” if nobody died? My money is on Hagrid. Harry loses father-figures like it’s going out of fashion.

  38. but wait….y cudn’t harry be a horcrux? LV DID want harry to join his side, in the 1st book, neway. nd on the books spine, the ring had a lightning bolt in it….harry has a lightning bolt scar….coincidence? mayb. but mayb not. or, possibly, harry WAS a horcrux, and is no longer, b/c the ring mightve gotten the lightning bolt AFTER it lost its horcruxy-ness. and evem if there is a spell for making things horcruxy, the killing spell went awry, so y culdnt it have accidently transferred some of his soul to harry? nd LV was portrayed as being half a soul, wondering the world b4 he met up with quirrel. so, who knows? just last thing one thing, don’t knock nething unless A) youve got proof to disproove it or B) jo reveals something or C) the book has come out, cuz no1 knows nething right now

  39. No Voldemort had already made his horcruexs before he tried to kill Harry and also ,about that spell you need to say to make the horcruexs I really don’t think it was Avada Kedavra.

  40. i wonder wuts up with filtch. I know he dosent seem important but mabie…just mabie he will be something important.mabie hes a death eater. i mean.. dumbledore skrewd up once didnt he with snape.mabie he has a horoux. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

  41. maybe harry isnt supposed to be a horcrux and voldemort doesnt know that he’s one and that was just one of the things that happened when he tryed to kill harry.

  42. i just think that harry is gonna have to die in the end somehow like to defeat voldemort. It just seems like something JKR would do.

  43. i searisouly doubt that harry is a horoux.i mean come on! no offense but how many times has lord V. made a mistake? harry is defeanitly NOT a horoux.

  44. interesting questions

    1/why DD had the invisibility cloak?
    2/profession of james and lilly potter, harry has inheritted healthy sum of money. Compare this fortune with wht arthur is earning.. a Big question mark.
    3/why harry dint get a scratch when he destroyed the diary of tom riddle? DD almost lost his arm while working out that ring!
    4/what came out of the lake when harry used the spell to summon the horocrux?
    5/what shape a bogart takes when in front of snape?
    6/DD took harry on a horocrux hunt, this wz supposed to be a deadly journey, why DD used a spell to bind harry? DD has seen harry come out of worse, unscathed.
    7/who else was there the night lilly gave her life for harry?how the dark lord got his original wand?he dint survive the attack on harry!
    8/why DD took harry so personally? compare his treatment with that of Mcgonagol/Lupin and others. All of them new harry is special in general sense. what is the additional bit of info that dd has appart from the prophecy?
    9/what is more to the sorting hat and godric grfndor’s sword?
    10/why chicken crossed the road?( :p just kidding)

  45. Dosent any one here think filtch is odd. I mean come on he seems odd. he might be a death eater or…mabie he has a horoux……..just ideas

    comment on idea

  46. I think it’s obvious whose side Snape is on: his own.
    It seems unlikely to me that Snape killed Dumbledore simply to keep his cover. It’s more likely to me that he did it to save Draco — not even to save Draco’s life per se, but rather, to save his *soul*: notice that the Death Eaters held back from finishing Dumbledore themselves; Voldemort had ordered that Draco should do it, so Snape’s choices were to either save Dumbledore — blowing his cover, and likely resulting in Draco’s death, Draco’s family’s death, and, thanks to the unbreakable promise, his own death; or to let Draco be pushed into doing the deed by the Death Eaters, turning him into a murderer, with the resultant damage to his soul and to any prospect of Draco’s redemption.
    It’s also worth remembering that whatever his other qualities, Snape appears to be a man of his word: he fulfilled his debt to James, despite his feelings toward him, by saving Harry from Quirrell. He had sworn to protect Draco and finish his mission for him, and so he would whatever his feelings on the matter.

    Snape’s a pretty complex character, and it does not mesh well with his character to simplify his motives down to “He had to keep his cover.”

  47. The problem with that is that ‘hallow’ does not, in any of its common meanings, describe a place. I’m not ruling it out, since it’s probably a proper name, and you can name a place anything you like, but I think that most people who think it describes a place are confusing ‘hallow’ with ‘hollow’.

    There’s been a lot of talk about the ‘Hallows’ bit, but hardly any about ‘Deathly’. It’s a somewhat unusual word, and it means something different from ‘Deadly’ (I think when most people hear ‘Deathly Hallows’, their minds switch it to ‘Deadly Hollows’, and they miss a lot of shades of meaning).

    “Deathly” *can* be used as a synonym for “Deadly”, but that’s not its primary meaning. It also means “resembling or characteristic of death”. As “Hallow” can mean a person or thing that has been made holy, “Deathly Hallows” might therefore mean something like “Saints of Death” — perhaps some sort of Reaper-like characters.

    On the other hand, “hallow” is not normally a noun in modern English; it’s a verb meaning “to sanctify or make holy”. And “Deathly” can certainly function as an adverb rather than an adjective. If that’s the intended usage, then the only way the title could be gramatically correct would be for “Deathly Hallows” to be a name — imagine if the title had been “Harry Potter and the Quickly Walks”.

    There is, to my knowledge, only one class of thing in the Harry Potter universe whose name is usually a two-word verb phrase, and so the leading theory for me is that “Deathly Hallows” is the name of a *spell*.

    As a verb phrase, “Deathly Hallows” could mean “To make holy in a way characteristic of death,” ie., some sort of funerial blessing, or perhaps, “To sanctify by death”. This latter one I rather like, because as it turns out, there is a HUGE importance to the plot that a certain person was “blessed” by way of someone dying for them. I would say that based on what we currently know, the most likely interpretation is that “Deathly Hallows” is the name of the spell of protection Lilly effected on Harry when she gave up her life for him.

    (There is one small problem with this: “Hallows”, as a verb, is third person singular. While there isn’t a huge amount of consistency to the “grammar” of spells, I don’t recall ever seeing one in that form; they tend to be infinitive or first person singular. Though this does not rule it out; the tendency toward first person singular may have to do with the fact that it’s what you say when you do it; a “Deathly Hallows” spell could only every be named such by someone who *hasn’t* cast it themselves).

    Such a possibility seems to fit, as Harry’s protection will undoubtedly play a big part in the final outcome, and we know that it is a spell powered by pure love — supposedly the nature of Harry’s advantage over the Dark Lord.

  48. I reckon voldemort and snape die.
    Snape could die as it could turn out he’s good and he tries to save harry and voldemort HAS GOT 2 DIE because in all childrens books good always wins over evil. I think ron and hermione will be together as they argue like a married couple and there just like a perfect match and once voldemort is out of the way harry will be with ginny
    what do the rest of you think??
    Oh an harry is definatley NOT a horcruxe as voldemort has spent the last years trying to KILL him as its already been mentioned anyway i carn’t wait to read it!! Hope you will all enjoy it as much as i will!!

  49. Although Ron could die as harry seems to loose everyone close to him
    His Mum n Dad
    And now Dumbledore

  50. i carnt wait to read it i reckon voldemort and snape/lucius malfoy/mr weasley will die!
    Also ron and hermione are soooo together jkrowling even said

  51. Well actually i don’t think that voldemort had a chance to make all 7 horcruxes…just think the dd said that he would make them with important kills and he was probably gonna make one with harrys death but what if when he tried to kill harry he did any way…and what happened to his body in the first place? so i think that the horcruxes are: of course marvolos ring, then the locket which was already destroyed by RAB who i think is regulus black also, then the diary, then the cup, the piece of soul that he has with him (voldemort), and the snake, and then he never had a chance to make another

  52. hey people…. and tiffany i think ur rite bout regulus black … but DD said that only a powerfull wizard like himself or voldy could reach that freaky place… and i think that (its more like i hope)dd is alive ( i wish he is) and snape is nod a stupid DE ..and people barking bout grammer ….PIPE IT WILL U !!!!!!!

  53. We don’t know for sure that the locket was destroyed; RAB said he was going to destroy it, but if he really is Regulus Black, we know that Regulus was killed, so he may have died before he had the chance to destroy it.

    One thing I wonder about is: when Harry tried to summon the Horcrux by casting the Accio spell, something *did* jump out of the lake — I doubt it means anything, but perhaps RAB never actually made it out of the cave

  54. no no i think that the thing that jumped out of the lake was just a body you know an inferi…and why they say that he was killed if he never made it out of the cave, also voldemort would have known about his horcrux then correct, but i do think that he was killed right after and it probably wasn’t that hard but he was weakened by the same potion that dumbledore had to drink….and i was just wondering how he got the real horcrux by himself in the first place? didn’t dumbledore say it would have been impossible to do on his own?

  55. Regalus Black is R.A.B, and Dumbledore is definately dead, I think that Voldemort and Snape will die, with Snape saving Harry, But JKR has said that there will be a sad funeral for the victims, You can’t imagine people crying over Snape and Voldemort, which makes me think Hermionie or Ron dies.
    What do you all think?

  56. I’ve heard a lot of people suggest that maybe if RAB is indeed Regulus, then he may not have drank the potion himself — rather, he forced Kreacher to drink it for him, explaining why the house elf is so derranged.

  57. I think Harry dies I don’t no why or how but I think jk says Ron kills Malfoy here are some suggestions on who dies

    1.Hermione or Harry maybe both

  58. I believe that harry or voldemort will die. and then one of the weaslys, but not ron. i think this because the weaslys are the closest thing to a family harry has. and every one else who has died kinda filled in a position for harry. sirius and dumbledore (sorry about spelling) were both father figures.
    i dont think ron will die, because JK Rowling has been leading up to ron and hermione getting together for ages. why would dhe build up to this if one of them was going to suddenly die, it would just seem pointless.
    I also think that one of the other horocuxes might be either the yoyo, thimble or mouth organ that voldermort collected as a child. as we all read in the 6th book. Ge had connections to these objects.

  59. Well we know the 7th book is the last, and we know Harry will face Voldermort once again and we know 2 characters are going to die. I think Snape will die, I honestly believe he is still ‘Dumbledore’s man’ like Harry and only killed DD to save Harry’s life (DD pleads for Harry’s life on the rooftop and not his own, nor Malfoy’s ‘soul’ IMHO). I can definately see Snape dying, and in doing so giving Harry the opportunity to finish Voldermort off. I could also see Draco switching sides and helping Harry because if he couldn’t kill DD then his conscience will get the better of him in the end.

    As for the second death I would have to assume that it is Voldermort, I can’t see how he could survive when the prophecy says either he or Harry must kill each other and I can’t for the life of me think that JK will choose Harry, like many people have said this is a children’s book after all. Excluding Voldermort, the only other character I wouldn’t be surprised to find killed off would be Hagrid, again for the reasons that other people have already mentioned.

    I also think there is no chance Hermione and Harry will get together, I don’t understand how people think this will happen. Throughout all the books JK has described Harry’s feelings in great detail, the only 2 girls he has ever had those kind of feelings for were Cho and Ginny. There has never been anything in the books to suggest Harry has ever seen Hermione as more than a friend. Ron, on the other hand, has done nothing but show those kind of feelings. Deathly Hallows will finally see them two hook up.

    Finally it might be a bit strange but the one part of Deathly Hallows I am most looking forward to is the last chapter where we will find out what everyone has got up to. Now Harry has decided to leave Hogwarts can he ever become an Auror like he wanted?

  60. Okay jkr said that the last word of the last book is scar….okay i think that ron and Hermione have a baby and it ends up with a scar like harry (and the cycle restarts!!!)…I think that harry, voldemort, snape, and malfoy die…I think that malfoy dies right when they go to see voldemort because he didn’t do his job…I know it sounds kinda sad and everyone dies but come on it wouldn’t be a good ending would it if everyone lived happily ever after

  61. what if its all planned, the snape-killing-dumbledore thing??? they did it to sort of show voldemort that he is still in control over things…this would be consistent to dumbledore trusting snape so much!!! and then there would be this final fight in the end…snape, DD, harry and the rest of the Hogwarts people…well, i also think that someone would die…it would be dramatic if its harry but unfortunate…never underestimate JK’s mind though! she always have something unexpected to write…

  62. i am also loking foward to the last chapter and cant wait to see who becomes what and with who???

    also i think that harry will survive. because if voldermort killed harry then the story line will never be finally finished.

    i also hope that harry, ron and hermoine will eventually go back to hogwarts!! and i cant wait to finally see ron and hermoine admit there feelings towards each other.

  63. Harry will, no doubt survive. Although, I believe that there are certain conditions overlooked by many of you in this forum.

  64. Firstly, I strongly believe that Harry will eventually make his own Horcrux. This I believe will be the pinnacle emphasis on his survival and eventual return tactic.Why? Because as he encounters and conditions himself to the regular practise eliminating certain Death Eaters and others who support the Dark Lord, he too will realise the importance and need of securing his existence. However, the difference between his Horcrux method will be geared toward the search of good rather than bad unlike Voldy has done. And, unlike Voldy, who has produced numerous Horcrux’s, HP will only produce one. I believe that this is the twist that JKR will present us with at the end of book7. I bet that the final match when HP has found and destroyed all of Voldy’s Horcrux’s will ultimately lead to both of these two great Wizards killing each other, as JKR has hinted soo many times; with the clash of both of their wands, HP’s lightening bolt curse, the final statement before the end of book 6 and etc, etc that their clash will destroy them both. However, like how JKR magically manages to muster these unique scenarios, Harry will suddenly appear before us in a huge celebration at the end explaining how he managed to use reverse Voldy’s evil methods of creating a Horcrux (using the Death Eaters he’d killed) in order to safeguard his return in the name of good. As for Snape, I believe that he will, together with HP, create a potion that will protect the item that HP will chose to create a Horcrux – Perhaps HP will choose the Sorting Hat or even Godric’s Sword.

    As for my Prediction regarding the confirmed name for book 7, I believe it to be related to the Secret Room at the Ministry where Sirius was pushed, as some of you appear to have forgotten the special magic that HP will be able to perform that Voldy knows not! I believe that Voldy and Harry will end up wand fighting in this room/ or chamber that will strip Voldy of most of his powers. However, as HP and Voldy will be fighting in an area, or room where they will not be able to return in their complete form, perhaps with the use of Harry’s Horcrux and a little magic with the Mirror that Sirius had given Harry, he’ll somehow manage to return at the last moment in order to finally complete the Saga. I also think that Harry will meet Sirius in the Room and even his parents, as the room may just need someone like Harry to release the souls from Voldy’s control/Wand (remember the ending dual between Harry and Voldy when all the people that Voldy had killed started jumping out of his wand? I believe that the room where Sirius had died is a collection of all of those souls that need to be released; whether they will be dead gracefully, become Ghosts or take the form of a picture in a portrait, as at this moment those dead souls appear to still be under Voldy’s influence – almost imprisoned like.

  65. WOW you’ve thought this over alot and i think all of your predictions sounds like something that jkr would do. This totally sounds like a likely ending to the series. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. :-)

  66. Well about Snape, remember in the beginning of the sixth book he went to Malfoy’s mom’s place and made an unbreakable vow? He said he would help Drako and then finish whatever if Drako failed so Snape had to kill Dombledore.And it also helps make Voldemort sure that Snape is loyal to him
    but he is really working for Harry’s side…..The problem is Harry doesn’t know that.

  67. Once Snape had made the unbreakable vow he would have to kill Dumbledore if Malfoy couldn’t. When Harry made his suspicions know to DD he said he had it in hand and got irritated when Harry kept coming back to it. If DD knew he would have to be killed by Snape then he could at least die knowing Snape would be seen as a hero to the Deatheaters and his cover assured, allowing Snape to help Harry against Voldermort in the final book….perhaps :P

  68. I don’t think Dumbledore knew for certain that he would die — he knew it was likely, but I think he still hoped that he could find another way. He just didn’t have enough time.

    I suspect that once he saw the Dark Mark, he knew what was up, more or less. It’s likely that his insistance that Harry go get Snape wasn’t because he wanted Snape to cure him (I mean, he *did* want Snape to cure him, but he wouldn’t have been so insistant on it if that was all there was to it); he needed Snape there in case he couldn’t talk Draco down in time. Snape was his backup plan. I think his plan was to talk Draco into coming over to their side and going into hiding. Failing that, and only when it became clear that Dumbledore was going to die either way, the backup was for Snape to step in and do the killing so that Draco wouldn’t have to.

    Dumbledore nearly pulled off Plan A — he basically *had* convinced Draco not to kill him (it didn’t take much. Draco’s a bit of an ass, but he’s not a killer), but the Death Eaters turned up too soon: not what Dumbledore was hoping for, but a contingency he was prepared for, that’s why he was so insistent that Harry go get Snape (Of course, that also didn’t go quite to plan, because Draco showed up before Harry could get away. Dumbledore’s been repeatedly forced to go to the backup because his moves are too slow — maybe it’s the potion affecting him, but I think a big chunk is that Harry was slowing him down by questioning his orders).

    I notice that all the other Death Eaters, though they wanted to kill Dumbledore, held back, because Draco was the one ordered to do it — Snape actually defied Voldemort’s orders by killing Dumbledore himself, which points to Snape’s loyalties not lying with the Dark Lord. He’s the only Death Eater who doesn’t try to cajole Draco into doing it.

    It’s only when the other Death Eaters arrive that Dumbledore’s death is assured. I doubt Snape would have minded dying rather than killing Dumbledore, but if he hadn’t done it, Draco would have had to. Snape is Draco’s Godfather, as I recall, and that implies some oblibation to protect him, in this case, to protect him from becoming a killer. The fact that Snape had made a promise and he is, for his faults, a man of his word factors in as well.

    The most telling thing is something I missed at first. JKR uses the exact same words (“Disgusted and repulsed”) to describe the look on Snape’s face when he kills Dumbledore as she does to describe Harry’s feelings as he forces Dumbledore to drink the poison.

    I find myself remembering the first book; how the Philosopher’s Stone was protected by so many layers of protection. That’s Dumbledore’s way, it seems; he comes up with a good plan, but then he comes up with a whole lot of backup plans in case the main one doesn’t work.

    Dumbledore, we are told, is never far from right, though he’s far from perfect. My suspicion is that we will eventually find out not exactly that Dumbledore planned everything from the start, but that he did account for the possibility that he would be killed, and has a backup plan already in motion to help Harry at a critical moment all the same.

  69. OK wow Ross,that was a lengthy reply, but very enlightening. I was really trying tofigure out who R.A.B. wasin the Horcrux.Remember that part N E body? When Harry read the note inside of it, it said that R.A.B. had taken the real one and put in a fake. I was wondering if that would be a person who could help Harry in the new book. At first I thought that it was Regulas A. Black. Sirius’ brother. I still think that, and I hope that u guys can give me ur input. I think that even though they said that he died, there is the slim chance that he survived. And who else is mentioned in any of the books with those initials?

  70. i also think that it is regulas, becuase in the 5th book the OoTP. when they are cleaning number 12 grimmauld place, they find a locket, but no one can open it, so sirius chucks it. i believe this was the real horcrux. they was probably some spell or enchantment over it to make it harder to open. And the only way it could have gotten into the house would of had to be by a member of the black family, so regluas fits the description.
    i was wondering if anyone else out there thinks that something is going to happen at bill and fleur’s wedding??
    i have my theories. that either harry and ginny will “rekindle” their relasionship. or that ron and hermoine will finally get to gether. we all no its going to happen, its just a matter of when and where!!!

  71. If the locket Sirius chucked was the hoarcrux then more than likely its in Kreacher’s den. Under Harry’s orders the house elf could become very important in the next book.

  72. You know I have a feeling that they are finally going to get behind that veil in the Department of Mysteries…the one in OOTP where harry and luna could here whispers… JR never mentioned that veil again the THBP but i have a feeling that is was and is important to the story…

  73. Heyy well im guessing Ron will die, or hermione, it seems a bit to obvious for harry to die, thats what im thinking, i might be wrong, but oh well,lol,well hope this book is as awesome as the other ones!!byye!!

  74. I don’t think Ron or Hermione will be killed off, if any of Harry’s friends are to be axed I would think Neville would be the most important that JKR could get away with killing without causing an uproar.

  75. Heres what i think will happen just for the record, RAB is sirus’s brother i think his name was regulas or something and he was a deatheater and on the note it my dark lord adn he only lasted one week once he left the death eaters adn on the note it said i will prob be dead by the time you read this, and in the OOTP when they were cleanin out grimwald place they came across a locket that wouldnt open, i think that this was the real horcux other wise it wouldnt of been mentioned. And then mundungs was sellin of all the stuff from the black house so i think he sold the locket. And i also rekon harry will die as the story cant really end him living happily ever after and have 10 children adn that, i think htat the griffindor horcux is him and he will need to kill him self so that voldermort can die to, as he needs to be all heroic for the final ending. thats just my thoughts as it seems to fit

  76. Katie cuz..u r soo wrong! That chik who said that it had something to do do with the ring nd sccar – your on to something there

  77. ok im not like a grammar freak but seriously its hard to even understand what your trying to say sometimes. could you try using engish?

  78. good 1 Liz


    i dont think N E 1 important on Harry’s side will die, but im thinkin that maybe snape or malfoy will die b/c harry has even more of a reason 2 kill snape and malfoy did not complete his task. I think malfoys dad will b real upset. I also think that b/c of how wormtail has been treated, he may try to betray vloldemort and help the Order. WHat do u guys think?

  79. your all wrong!!!! in the half blood prince when harry finds the fake horcrux its signed R.A.B this person is none other then sirius’s brother who was killed by voldemort himself read the ootf book and you will find his full name which actually fits with the initials and thats why voldemort killed him himself

  80. in the deathly hallows i think harry is a horcrux and wen he trys to kill voldemort, voldemort will seep into harrys body and turn him evil. also nevil becomes a teacher i think.

  81. Okay what we all have to keep in mind is that these harry potter books are CHILDREN BOOKS…that means she is not gonna kill our favorite characters! and if she does the company will make her rewrite it

  82. i think that jk rowling wouldn’t kill off harry unless she absoluty had to. she’s said many times that harry is one of her favourite characters, she has also said that she knows other authors kill off the main character for a quick and easy way to finish, and that she has never liked that idea.

    in many websites, and in interviews, jk has said that non-magical character will perform magic for the first time. she has also clearly said that it is not Aunt petunia. So i was thinking that it might filch.
    Filch is after all i squib, it is known for squibs to perform magic late in their life, they are “late bloomers” so to speak. I believe that it will be filch who performs magic.

    i was wondering if anybody else has thought about this, and if anybody could tell me if it even makes sense.

    oh and i was also wondering if anybody else could say their thoughts on ron and hermione. personally i think they will finally become a “item” at fleur and bill’s wedding.

  83. um ok anonymous, jk rowling can do whatever she wants to do. If one publisher wont publish her book she’ll have like fifty million more offers within the hour. I mean she’s rich enough that she could start up her own publishing business for heavens sake. seriously how stupid can u get

  84. i think that regulus black is the misterious R.A.B. i think that dumbledore was in touch with regulus and was using him as a spy on voldemort (fear in the name increases fear itself) and voldemort found out and murdered him. so……. black died giving dumbldore the locket, then he died. i mean if my theory is true why else would dumbledore have the locket

  85. okay i still want to know what happend to crabbe and goyle do you think they are going with their parents and malfoy

  86. nigerian lion king tell me seriously. Did you take the hermione character seriously because you sound just like her.

    And by the way folks i think that if the point is that someone is dying just because he or she (harry’s parents,sirius and dumbledore) is parently with harry then the sword is pointing to a numerous people like hagrid, lupin, Mr.&Mrs.weasley, ron, hermione,ginny(these people are close to harry) and not to mention the whole order too. And as far as snape is concerned my mind says that the chances that he is really on order’s side are sleek but my heart says that dumbledore was never wrong and snape will play a vital role in the fall of dark lord. However it is a solid fact that harry’s lily like eyes will also play a vital role in the fight against voldemort (JKR confirmed it in mugglenet site.). We can’t skip the godric hollow part too.
    On the whole the 7th bit of magical world is going to spine chilling and it is needless to add that its going to be a ONCE IN FOR ALL either for HARRY JAMES POTTER or for the DARK LORD VOLDEMORT himself.

  87. okay LIZ this is for you she has a CONTRACT with her publishers! how dumb can you get? so if she does that of course other people with publish her book but she will have to deal with a lawsuit so f**k off!

  88. Hey everybody i heard that the new book comes out 07/07/07 is that true cause I don’t think that I can wait that long

  89. The rumour was it would be then because 7 is magics most powerful number but like K.D. said the movie is due for release on the 13th so the cross over promotions would hinder each other. From a marketing point of view they would lose out on a lot of money if they do that. More likely is 31/10/07, Halloween, due to the title of the book. There hasn’t been any word on a release date yet anyway, for all anyone knows it might not be out this year at all!

  90. i am so confused by all the different theories but i n joyed reading dem.1 disappointing thing is this is the last hp book 2 look forward .no more books to come to discuss on forums nd stuff.harry is not a horcrux by d way nd the person wu is being a grammar granny would they evr shut up. i tink it is a possibility that snape wil turn out 2 b is just lyk jkr to put in a surprize like that.instead of guessing im just going to look forward to it.HARRY POTTER IS SO COOL.

  91. I KNOW I KNOW I KNNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! THATS 8 DAYS AFTER THE 5TH MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! It really is gonna be released on July 21, 2007! I have already ordered it I can’t wait!

  93. I think that the seventh book will be the best out of all of them here are some thing that i think will happen in the seventh book I don’t really think that Dumbeldor is really dead because Dumbeldore is as powerful as voldemort so I think he will come back I also think that snape is a spy for the order of the phoenix he gives infirmation that voldemort gives him to the order of the phoenix but the rest of the order of the phoenix does not tell harry that because he is to young. now i think that a very important and someone close to harry will die. I think it will be hagrid i also have a though that voldemort might attack the ministry of magic but the order of the phoenix I also think that snape will help harry defeat lord voldemort. like evey body said i think hermionie and ron will fall in love at the end of the book I dont really now about harry and ginny though


    7-21-07 is the date that the seventh book comes out 7-13-07 is when the 5th movie is released.

    all hail j.k rowling

  94. This summer will be the best of my life!
    My GCSEs will be over and the last installment of Harry Potter is out! This is too brillient for words! :-D

  95. Sorry to disappoint you Josh Drake but JKR has already said that Dumbledore is definately dead and won’t return from the dead in the last book. Hopefully his sacrifice will have been worth it!

    Note about the book, with the publishers releasing details on the prices it sounds like the last book is going to be massive, perhaps longer than OotP!!

  96. i am just happy that the new book is coming out soon. I really hope that after all this hype and money it turns up to be really good. I’ll still be upset that it’s the last book, but i hope that JKR does a book on thje after life of everyone who survives the 7th book.

  97. i am 99.9% sure ron doesn’t die, why i hear you ask. rearrange the letters of OLLIVANDERS.
    hope it helps, oh yeah, HARRY POTTER ROCKS!

  98. so i figured it out….. and i dont really think that that is sufficient evidence. Ollivanders is just a little random……….. idk

  99. i think that the barman of the hog’s head has a horcrux, because if my theory that R.A.B is correct, then the locket they found in OOTP is probably the horcrux, but if that is correct then when mundungus stole sirius’ stuff he might of stolen the horcrux and sold it to the barman of the hog’s head, my evidence for this, and i quote, ‘nobody was lingering to chat, the exeptions being two men a little ahead of them, one was the barman of the hog’s head, and the other, mundungus fletcher’ so we know the two men communicated, another quote, ‘as harry, hermoinie and ron drew closer, the barman drew his cloak more tightly round his neck and walked away’ the important part of that was his NECK, you would wear a locket round your neck.
    Just a idea, please comment

  100. I thanged my mind here is what will really happen!!

    In the seventh book i think that many things are going to happen. harry will go back to the dursleys because he promised dumbeldor, then he will go to bill and fleur wedding with rob and hermionie,then harry,ron,and hermioniewill go on there dark adventure to distroy the horcuxes. the first thing he will do is he will go to his parents villige and graves he will probelbly find something important there that will help him. I also think someone close to harry will die I think it will be hagrid. sorry to say this but I think that harry will die to distroy voldemort and save his friends. I aslo think that ron and hermionie will fall in love and get married. but if harry does live then i think that he will fall in love with jenny weasly and harry potter will be once again the boy who lived

    sorry but i have no clue who R.A.B. IS


  101. To the dude above me, i would answer, but i can’t understand what your saying.

    Oh yeah, has anyone else noticed the connection between GODRIC Gryffindor and GODRIC’s hollow, where Harry’s parents lived?

  102. omg i cant wait for the7th book 2 come out!!!!!!!! Ithink snape and voldemort will die coz theyre the most evil people in da books! i also think harry and ginny will end up together and so will ron and Hermione

  103. OK, I just found something that goes back to one of my other comments about the barman of the hog’s head, He is actually Aberforth Dumbledore… Ooh I think I’m right lol

  104. Because in GOF Dumbledore mentions about his brother had a lot of bad press for something to do with goats and when Harry walked into the Hog’s Head it ‘Smelled vaguely of something that might have been goats.’, Also the barman is ‘Tall, Thin with lots of grey hair and looked familiar to Harry’ which reminds me alot of Dumbledore. Just a thought.

  105. Well I think it is too predictable that ron-hermione and harry-ginny will get together. Its not like jkr to be that predictable. To the people who said that she wouldnt build up this thing between them just to have them die, thats what she did with Sirius. You think that Harry will finally have an adoptive father and all that and he suddenly dies. Same with Dumbledore. Dumbledore always seemed so safe like he would never die, and as long as he was around everything would be OK. then squish. hes toast. Ok Snape is defiantly a bad guy. There is no doubt about it. THough he may have some good in him, he wont save harry or anything. Draco, maybe.

  106. harry potter and the deadly hollows will be the best but what iam also looking foward to in july is the movie of the fifth book i think it will also be the best love ya all!!!

  107. Josh Drake why don’t you just shut up, cause seriously this site is for comments that are important and you are ruining it for all of them. So be quiet. Please. I’m sorry to all those having to read this. But I can’t stand it when he does that. I guess my comment for the book would be that I think the note in the locket came from Regulus Black (or however you spell it).

  108. pls ppls u must be kidding . i totaly disagree with alexandra harry n ginny luv each other from were did hermoine come . i agree with karie harry cant bee a horcrux i mean ppls think harry was after voldemort n voldermort has made his horcrux before harry was born. i dint think harry is gonne die hermoine might die . we r not j .k rowlling we beter leave it on her . she has completed d book and even if posted did comments dere is no use we cannot change d book .HARRY POTTER ROX.

  109. hi
    Av u seen da front cover of da new book cos if u look closeli a house elf is holdin a sword over hermionies head could it be godric gryfindors !!!!

  110. remember that locket that harry found in numba 12 grimmauld place it could be the locket that RAB found but he might of not been able to destroy it Regulas BLACK

  111. i think that ur all gay lords. i think in the book that hermione is going with harry ( as a couple )because she may try 2 save him and almost dies. then in the end they make out below a mountain and a giant rock falls on them and they die. on this other website som1 said that when harry kill voldymort theres nomore magic and their all muggles………… HOW DUMB IS THAT???

  112. *Sarcastic voice* Well thankyou very much for that, There was a point to that wasn’t there? You seem a very charming person to call strangers gay lords… And please learn to spell :)

  113. sorry to disapoint you leanne but there is only one o in ollivander and ron and love both have a o in it so sorry and i dont mean this in a mean way but that is just a little ramdame dony you think :-D

  114. I aslo think that hagrid will die because he is very close to harry and it that everyone that is close to harry dies for example cedric diggary his friend, sirus black his godfather, and most resently albus dumbeldor his beloved headmaster and close person in his life so i think that hagrid will be next and possibly maby his aunt and uncle (i hope that will happan)

    all hail jk rowling ;-)

  115. anon, you took my idea about dumbeldore have a horcuxes but it is a very good idea isent it but jk rowling has already said that dumbeldore is dead and will nnot be coming back :’ (

  116. harry most likely will die or they could keep making harry potter movies i mean like when sirus black died(hope u all read the 5th book sorry if u hadent)they didnt just stop the movie just coz a relative infact they didnt even stop wen da princapal died s i guess wats the difference if ron and hermione die so if just his fwendz die harry is still there if u get what i mean

  117. ithink da right title is ‘deadly hollow’.why? it means the deadly place,n da ‘hollow’ is from word godric’s hollow.i guess rab is regulus a black cos he out from deatheater and he die svrl days might be he try to be the one n only lord n know about horcuxes n try to destroy it.but he dont gave make sense reason and voldy can legillimens so he killed.i relly dont hope someone die{again} please jk dont kill them!!!!!!!!!!i so luv them

  118. hey you gays well im new to this blog but n-e ways i agree with that Snape is on one side: his own who ever wrote that made a great point

  119. hey you gays well im new to this blog but n-e ways i agree with that Snape is on one side: his own who ever wrote that made a great point

  120. Hate to break it to you for those of you who say Hermione and Harry are going to end up togethere but you people are wrong there are things in the last six book that forshadow romance between Ron and Hermione

  121. Leanne sorry but i think that you are wrong the barman has nothing to do with the horcrux and i think you might have to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again because Sirius got rid of the necklace himself.


    but i will haved to and i know i have said this before but i bet you all my life that hagrid will be the next one to die

  123. nate you are a gay @$$ retard if you have a problem with harry potter there is something called a back botton

    if any of you want to get the 7th book for 46% off then google of ask jeeves harry poter and the deadly hollows and you will see it on the side of the screen or go to and you will se it there:-)

  124. i think that if only 2 peeps die it will b

    Harry and voldemort (harry kills voldemort and snape kills harry
    voldemort and snape

  125. I dont think harry is a horcrux because voldemort has tryed to kill him so many times . And why would Voldemort want to lose one of his Horcrux when the only reason hes alive is because he kept them safe?

  126. WOW cant w8 love the book i think snape is a ass and shoudl burn in hell but hey thats what i think any way this bok is gonna be great

  127. ps. i think that snape and voldemort. snape tries to defend harry, voldemort kills him whilst harry kills voldemort in the meantime.

  128. her are the people that i think will die in the seventh book

    possibly harry
    the tranfiguration teacher
    i hope not but maby hermionie

    those are the people that i think will die because they are all close to harry except snape,molfoy,and voldemort but i think molfoy dies because he failed to do what voldemort told him to do i also think that harry kills snape for revange and if any of harry’s friends die it is because voldemort is trying to take everyone that is close to harry away form him and i think that harry dies killing voldemort


  129. I don’t think that harry will die because he is the main character
    i think that one of these people will die
    Lucius malfoy( or i think he will go to Azkaban)
    Crab and (or) Goyel
    and rick I agree with what u say, but I dont think Hermonie will die

  130. Sorry to anyone who had this theory but, I don’t think that the new title has anything to do with godric’s hollow! They’re spelled differently so….

  131. i dont think that crab or goyel are going to be in this seventh book because they are not really important to the plot!!

    now iam not happy saying this but hopfully not but i think that harry potter will die distroying voldemort so i think that harry and voldemort will die at the same time. i mean just think about it if harry potter lives then jk rowling will just be nagged into making a 8th book but jk rowling did say she might wright an book discribing about the wizarding world and everything in it

    if any of you people disagree with me please give me your views


  132. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee

    hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy pppppppppoooooootttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr

    can you guess what this says

  133. hey someone might have said this but i just read on a website ( and i have no idea if this is credible like at all) that jk rowling is considering doing an 8th book on like info and stuff. what does everyone think? good?bad?

  134. After re-reading Prisoner and Goblet I think Wormtail will have a decisive role in whether Harry lives or dies. Dumbledore told Harry it was a good thing for Wormtail to owe Harry his life and in Goblet he tries to dissuade Voldermort from using Harry’s blood to be re-born. I have a feeling Snape will turn on Voldermort but Wormtail will too, giving Harry the chance to kill him. I also think Harry won’t kill him with a spell, I think it will be more Muggle-like with Gryffindor’s sword perhaps.

  135. evil hypnotist but i think snape is a spy for the order of the phoenix and dumbeldore would want a spy for information and to prove to trick voldemort dumbeldore ordered snape to kill him also i think wormtail will die because he is not an important person

  136. I believe in order to destroy Voldemort, Harry will have to die. All the horcruxes must be destroyed for Voldemort to die and I think one of the horcruxes it located in Harry’s scar. That’s why he has been able to perform some of Voldemort’s talents, ie: speaking to and understanding serpants. That is also why his scar has been of such great importace in every installment of the series.

  137. I think that Danielle might be right what she said makes sence but then again we never know what to expect from Rowling.

  138. I think that Danielle might be right what she said makes sence but then again we never know what to expect from Rowling.

  139. Ok, here are my suggestions…

    Harry is the heir to Godric Gryffindor! His parents lived at Godric’s Hollow etc.

    JK Rowling has said that in the fight against Voldemort Harry uses NO unforgiveable curses, so I think Voldemort dies by getting pushed into the veil, just like Sirius!

    Harry is DEFINITELY not a horcrux.

    Now onto a theory I think is VERY valuable! Prior Incantatem! This is when two brother wands connect – so I think Harry and Voldemort do NOT fight using wands. I think Harry will fight with the Gryffindor sword and Voldemort will fight with something else..

    Wormtail owes his life to Harry! I think Wormtail will knock down Voldemort for Harry to kill him somehow.

    Harry will kill Snape with Snape’s own spells and Harry will learn Legilimency.

    There is some kind of connection between an heir of Slytherin (Tom Riddle/Voldemort) fighting an heir of Gryffindor (Harry Potter). I think we will find out that Gryffindor and Slytherin had a fight and now it is happening again. Both the heirs of those houses will fight each other.

    Now on to Harry’s green eyes – the colour of Slytherin’s house. Somehow this will have something to do with it (I think).

    I think the veil is the Deathly Hallows or the Horcruxes are the Deathly Hallows. I am not quite sure what to think.

    Any other suggestions about my own theories are welcome.

  140. Oh and by the way

    I think R.A.B is Regulus Black. In book 5 at Number 12 Grimmauld place there is a locket and that is Regulus’ family home.

  141. The meaning of Deathly Hallows (stated off

    [quote]Shortly before the release of the title, JK Rowling announced that she had considered three different titles for the book.[20][21] The title “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was released to the public from her web site, on 21st December 2006. The particular date has given rise to some interest, due to two prophecies included in Order of the Phoenix, that state “…at the solstice will come a new… and none will come after…”

    When asked “What does ‘Deathly Hallows’ mean?” J.K. Rowling responded, “Any clarification of the meaning of ‘Hallows’ would give away too much of the story – well, it would, wouldn’t it? Being the title and all. So I’m afraid I’m not answering.” She also declined to say what her two other shortlisted titles had been, at least until after publication. The phrase “Deathly Hallows” was trademarked under the name “Stone Connect (UK) Limited” on December 5, 2006, along with 5 other phrases. It was later denied that any of the others had ever been contenders for the actual title. The word “hallows” had already appeared in phrases registered by representatives of Warner Brothers before publication of Half-Blood Prince. “Hallows of Hogwarts” and “Hogwarts Hallows” were registered as trademarks by Seabottom Productions Ltd in 2003-2004, amongst a number of fake titles.

    Hallow is a word usually used as a verb, meaning “to make holy or sacred, to sanctify or consecrate, to venerate”. However, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the word hallows appears as a noun. In modern English, the word is used as a noun in “All Hallows’ Day” or “All Saints’ Day,” which is the day after Halloween or “All Hallows’ Eve”. Hallows can refer to saints, the relics of saints, the relics of gods, or shrines in which the relics are kept. Since the essence of these saints or gods were often considered present at their shrines and in their relics, hallows came to refer to the saints or gods themselves, rather than just their relics or shrines. Hallow is not to be confused with hollow, such as in Godric’s Hollow. The release of the title has resulted in considerable speculation as to its possible meanings.

    Following the difficulties experienced by the book’s translators in adapting the title to their own language, the Swedish interpreters announced that Rowling had offered the alternate title Harry Potter and the Relics of Death, which in Swedish is rendered as Harry Potter och dödsrelikerna.[/quote]

    So therefore the Deathyl Hallows are Relics of Death. Therefore they MUST be the horcruxes!

  142. Find out something – remember Hepzibah Smith, the ancestor to Helga Hufflepuff and holder of the horcrux that is the Hufflepuff Cup? SHE MUST BE ZACHARIAS SMITH’S ANCESTOR! He is in hufflepuff! He is an ancestor to Helga Hufflepuff! There is something there that must be a major part to the books!

  143. LOL

    So you think sadist maniacs who go around trying to rule the world with a wand in their hand jetting out green light in every direction for no reason, and has slits for nostrils with a flat face is cute?

    I think you need to sort out your priorities.

  144. I cannot wait for Harry Potter and the deathly hallows to come out!!!!!! hope Harry dose not die!!1 I fink Harry Potter is one of the most coolest books i’v ever read!!!Hope Voldemort dies!!!!

  145. Guys

    you all have good ideas and no one seems to know about RAB, personally i think it is Sirius’s brother (Regulas A. black) i no the book says hes dead, but you no, there have been weireder things happen in Herry Potter.

  146. I think what we’re going to find out about lilly potter, is that she, and therefore harry is related to someone we couldn’t imagine, or something. hermiony is going to be with ron.
    about who’s going to die, i have a feeling harry might have to die, before voldemort can, which is odd as he can hardly kill voldemort if he’s dead himself. still i feel harry might be the last thing needing destruction before voldemort has lost all his horcrux defences. if it is not this, it is that dumbledore was a horcrux, that that is why he died. we all know he had a peculiar relationship with voldemort.
    i think snape is still on the good side, afterall if voldemort is afraid of fighting dumbledore, dumbledore can’t be killed by voldemort or something, why should snape be able to kill dumbledore. i think it was part of the plan.
    i think that grawp is going to get a significant role in the end as well, otherwise hagrid didn’t have to bother bringing him into the story, maybe he’s going to be doing magic in the end. and if not him, it’s going to be filch, someone very unlikely.

    i just want to read the book, i can’t stand all this guessing anymore…

  147. Joanne rowling IS in fact doing an 8th book, but this is a sort of dictionary about all the important terms, personal relations of her, her family etc, to the story. so it’s not going to be a story, but more of a book, for extra insight is terms and happenings.

  148. i dont know what to think.there always seems to be something going on that we know nothing about but what ever happens i cant wait any longer for Deadly Hallows to come out.

  149. i think 4 absolute definite that harry will be one that dies. becuz this is the last book, right?? if jk rowling doesnt “make” harry die, then someone else can finish her books 4 her. sorry if my english doesnt make sense…lol

  150. i dont no how R.A.B. is but we will soon find out and i like the opinion of anonymous she is very good at figuring out clues and i also think that harry dies because if he doent then jkr will be pushed in to making another book and she doent want to :-)

  151. I’ve been reading the Harry Potter book again just to see if there are some kind of hidden clues and i dont think i found any. But I do think that Viktor Krum will help Harry in some way.

  152. harry is the final horcrux…he kills himself t kill…voldermort….wormtail will help harry..coz he helped him in the 3rd yer…

  153. to hermionie, harry cant be the final horcrux of he was then why would voldemort be trying to kill him it makes no sence reread the books then u will no. wormtail did not help harry in his 3rd year at all i dont know where u get that from and i dont think that wormtail will help harry i think harry will kil him for revange

  154. here is what will happen in the seventh book

    in the seventh book many thing will happen first harry will go back to the dursley untill he is of age because he promised dumbeldore then he will join hermionie and ron at bill and flure’s wedding then the trio will go on there dangerous journey to distroy the horcuxes first he will go to goldrec hollows to see his parents grave he will probly find somthing important there i also think that hufflepuff’s cup is there to one of voldemorts horcuxes he will go throu the obstcle and distroy it. then if harry believes it than the locket is already distroyed by R.A.B. so that leaves the snakes and somthing from gryffindor or ravenclaw i dont no where it mite be but i think it might be somthing from ravenclaw because the only known item of gryffindor is in hogwarts harry will probly distroy it the snake will be last because the snake is close to voldemort i think it will be the easyest to distroy then harry will face voldemort one last time he probly will die distroying voldemort and also to save his friends after that i think harry will be laided to rest and ron and hermionie will fall in love and everyone will remember harry as the boy who lived, the chosen one, the one who risked all, and the one that brought down the dark lord.

  155. Hi!!!!

    Oh my gosh this book is going to be soooo awesome and I can’t wait till the 7 book comes out. I can’t wait and find out who dies in this book and who hools up along the way. It’s gonna be f***ing awesome. The title is really great can’t wait.

  156. Hi!!!

    The title of this boook is awesome and I know at least a quite of few people die. But I can’t wait till Harry and Voldemort fight it’s gonna be awesome. I don’t think Harry dies but you never know what can happen he might not die and I hope he doesn’t. I can’t wait till the book comes out so I can finally read it. It’s gonna be f***ing awesome.

  157. hey has anyone seen the special edition cover? It’s got like a dragon and i think harry and hermione and ron are riding it. What does it mean???????

  158. hey, how will voldermort and harry fight, because in the fourth book both there wands create that bond, so won’t it keep doing that everytime they cast a spell?

  159. hey, how will voldermort and harry fight, because in the fourth book both there wands create that bond, so won’t it keep doing that everytime they cast a spell?

  160. its official then, Hormmine- if that’s how you spell it will die, same goes to Hagrid.

    well, HAgrid was killed by Snape, and Hermine( again if thats how you spell it) was killed by voldemort- she saved Ron’s life after dueling Voldemort….

    Anyways, you have to read the rest of the book to find out more…….ENjoy it! =)

  161. its official then, Hormmine- if that’s how you spell it will die, same goes to Hagrid.

    well, HAgrid was killed by Snape, and Hermine( again if thats how you spell it) was killed by voldemort- she saved Ron’s life after dueling Voldemort….

    Anyways, you have to read the rest of the book to find out more…….ENjoy it! =)

  162. Harry should live; Voldy should die. Ron and Hermione should die, because that shoes sacrifice.I also beleive that the book has come out early at hastings….. for 29.50. thats what my friend said

  163. hey Lupin and mad eye moody dies. but Hermione and Ron and Ginny live.
    And voldemort has a litlle baby girl from Bellatrix Lestrange.
    PS: I did not make this up the book was sent to me on a PDF file. ENJOY THE LAST CHAPTER.
    Here is a part from the book(the last War):
    Chapter 27
    Petunia Evans

    Jeanne Muriault conglomerated with other heads of states in
    Hogwarts’ Great Hall. In front of her were three cell phones, all turned
    on, passing information as loud as they could. Sitting next to the
    President of France, the Prime M minister of Great Britain was also
    surrounded by phones. They were keeping a close watch on Tintagel.
    General James was reporting to the Prime Minister every five
    minutes. He had been chosen to lead the human army, even though
    none of his men, or he for that matter, had any idea what to expect.
    Bad news started to pour. The death of Bill Weasley was
    particularly hard to take for the Prime Minister who had come to
    consider him as an ally, possibly a friend. As more bad news flowed,
    he became less eager to share information with his French colleague.
    “What’s going on?” Muriault said.
    “We’ve lost,” whispered the Prime Minister, his voice choked by
    General James sent soldiers to walk amongst the wizards and to
    report back to him. He had been adamant that the most important
    wizard to find was Harry Potter. General James had his spies repeat
    the latest information three times before passing it on to the Prime
    Minister. Their cell phones were hardly working anymore and he could
    not wait for confirmation of the young man’s death.
    “Is Harry Potter dead?” asked Muriault, fully aware of the
    “Voldemort is strangling him as we speak…”
    The President of France took a deep breath and opened her
    briefcase to retrieve a phone she had not used yet. She stayed close
    to the Prime Minister so he would hear what she was about to say.
    “Launch the Mirages.”
    Muriault closed her eyes and turned off her phone.
    “What are you doing?” shouted the Prime Minister. “You are not
    going to drop atomic bombs on… ”
    “We don’t have a choice,” cut in Muriault. “We cannot take the
    risk of losing.”
    “Wait, please. Don’t you know you’re about to destroy millions of
    “They are our last weapons. I am doing what your Prime Minister
    did to the French fleet during World War II.”
    The argument was impossible to counter. Muriault’s historical
    logic was a done deal. If Winston Churchville felt necessary to destroy
    the French fleet during the second war, he, the current Prime Minister,
    had no choice but to allow the French president to act accordingly.
    “Couldn’t you have waited until we are sure?” said the Prime
    “Every country in the world is watching this battle. If I did not do
    it, the United States would or the German Chancellor. In fact, they
    probably are sending their jets as we speak.”
    They jumped to their feet when a ghost came down from the
    ceiling. They had heard of these Hogwarts’ special students
    supervisors but it was the first time they saw one.
    “You are the stupidest humans in the world,” lashed out Nearly
    Headless Nick.
    “This is none of your business,” said the Prime Minster.
    “I daresay it is! Headmistress McGonagall said that Voldemort
    found a way to transform the power of nuclear plants, whatever they
    are, into magical atoms. Can’t you see? Dropping nuclear bombs on
    Voldemort is like feeding fresh kills to the wolf!”
    The President and the Prime Minister looked at one another.
    Neither could speak nor act. The President of France grabbed her cell
    phone and nervously dialled the number, hoping she could stop her
    Mirages, but it was too late. Voldemort’s velvet shield surrounding the
    earth rendered useless all satellites. The die was cast.
    Asian countries prepared for the worst. It was clear Asian leaders
    made a mistake in asking so many people to get out of their houses
    simultaneously and head for bomb shelters. Thankfully, pandemonium
    did not ensue, local populations having face adversity many times
    before. Anyone who could not hide simply stood in the streets, close to
    familiar faces, all listening to radios they had been carrying with them.
    The Asian leaders felt it best to filter the information and fed the
    Medias bogus details about Tintagel. Only generals and highest
    officials trembled when they heard about Harry Potter’s death.
    In North America authorities opted for the opposite approach.
    They bargained that pounding the populations with bad news should
    stop the local civil wars: their bargain paid off. Every North American
    human knew about the decisive battle on the shores of England. The
    plague of destruction and death Voldemort’s darkness left seemed a
    distant problem. A.M. radio bands had been seized by the
    governments to broadcast a minute-to-minute account of the fighting.
    North Americans held their breaths as the news of Harry Potter hit the
    South American countries were somehow protected by
    geographical elements: informing such disperse and hard to reach
    population had not been possible. As a result, peasants were
    practicing old magic, lighting up bonfires, praying to ancient gods and
    dancing to the skies.
    The African continent was the calmest place on the planet. Its
    populations, still close to its roots, considered the darkening of the
    heavens and the earth’s chaotic activities to be part of the natural flow
    of things. They too resorted to old magic; shamanism and village
    sorcerers became beacons of hope. They had been kept in the loop
    about the wizards-human civil war, but to them, it was nothing new,
    they had been practicing magic for thousands of years while fending
    off the ever-present invaders.
    Vernon and Dudley Dursley were in the living room, listening to
    the radio. Vernon Dursley was but a shadow of himself, so afraid of his
    son and wife he obeyed every order shouted at him. Dudley, who
    could easily send his father to hell, was slave to the new power of the
    house: his mother.
    Like every other European family, the Dursleys heard about the
    triumphs then the defeats taking place at Tintagel. The journalists kept
    pestering Dudley with news of Harry Potter, who, in his mind, was
    responsible for all the woes of the world. He wanted to shout his
    anger, but could not: he had been forbidden to open his mouth when
    the radio was on.
    Petunia Dursley sat alone in the kitchen, close enough to the
    radio to listen but far enough from Dudley and Vernon to interfere. Her
    husband criticized her lack of judgment, abandoning them at such a
    bad time. Petunia did not explain herself. She gave strict orders not to
    be disturbed and under no circumstances were they to check on her.
    Petunia wanted to play scrabble. She lit tree candles, put the
    game on the table and set a series of letters on two trays: she played
    against herself.
    She was half through her third game when the news hit her in the
    chest. This was the reason she wanted to be alone: she knew her
    reaction would be so violent Dudley and Vernon would mistake it for a
    hearth attack.
    She held on to the table, trying to catch her breath. There was no
    escaping the loud radio, belting out the news: Voldemort was
    strangling Harry.
    Tintagel was immobile, almost frozen in time. Death Eaters,
    Dementors, all of Voldemort’s slaves wanted to watch their Master
    destroy Humanity’s last hope. Voldemort did not disappoint them.
    Yet, killing Harry was an arduous affair having to use only
    physical strength since his magic was busy strangling McGonagall
    who had survived so far. Minerva McGonagall took her hands away
    from the throat and used them to drag herself close to Harry. Her arms
    were too weak so she pushed on her legs.
    When close enough, she turned to her side and whispered in
    Harry’s ear. Voldemort got very curious and released his grip on
    Harry, just enough for his victim to hear what the old witch had to say.
    Harry had enough force in him to turn his eyes towards Professor
    McGonagall. She was the shadow; she was the one telling him to
    remember. Voldemort’s curiosity was at its peak and he probed
    Harry’s mind but could not see what Harry was supposed to
    Harry Potter closed his eyes: he was all instinct. He was told to
    love by Dumbledore, to let lose and to love. He was told to remember
    by McGonagall, relinquish all control and remember.
    He was a baby, in his crib: his mother and father looking at him.
    He could hear the strange melody but this time, neither his father nor
    his mother were singing. He was still a baby; he was rocked in chair
    and tucked in the arms of a woman singing to him.
    It was Petunia. His aunt Petunia was singing to him.
    Bursts of memories resurfaced: Petunia taking his temperature
    and sitting next to his bed all night long, Petunia running to his room
    when his uncle was out of the house and rocking him in her arms,
    Petunia whispering in his ears; “I will hide you. I will hide your from
    yourself if I have to.”
    This music, this strange melody Petunia sang soothed Harry. His
    soul was peaceful and his hearth so calm he had no desire to wake
    Voldemort nearly vomited: this was the big secret Harry needed
    to remember! He squeezed Harry’s neck. He then stood up, wanting to
    offer the best possible spectacle, and extended his right hand towards
    Lily and James Potter’s son.
    Harry woke up to reality. His was dying: all he could do was push
    the last bit of oxygen left in his lungs and scream: “AUNT
    She heard it; she felt it: the pain hit her stomach, her mind but
    mostly her soul. Petunia Dursley got up and grabbed the marble roller
    always close by on the counter.
    She stepped in her garden and stood in the middle of the three
    bushes of flowers. She turned to the petunias and yelled “Petunia
    Evans.” The petunias burned; she turned to the lilies and shouted “Lily
    Evans,” they too went up in flames. Finally, she turned to the
    gardenias and said softly; “this is for you mother!”
    Petunia yelled; “Gardenia Evans” and the gardenias burned. The
    light from the three bushes joined in the middle and propelled Petunia
    into the skies. Vernon and Dudley, who heard the back door open,
    disobeyed and ran to the kitchen. Petunia was gone but in the back
    yard, three bushes of flowers were burning without consuming
    Petunia landed on the outskirts of Tintagel and walked towards
    Voldemort. Cadavers flew off her path, Dementors near by exploded
    and Death Eaters turned to ashes if they dared attack her.
    Voldemort allowed her to come close. He had yet to understand
    what that woman was doing. Petunia stopped two feet in front of
    Voldemort and threatened him with her marble roller.
    The scene was so ridiculous the Dark Lord laughed: the
    traditional English maid, running out of the house with her roller,
    threatening a poor bloke! Voldemort spread his arms as wide as he
    could and, still laughing, screamed.
    Petunia did. She pushed the end of her roller into Voldemort’s
    stomach then up to the hearth. The roller went in as if the Dark Lord’s
    chest was uncooked dough.
    Voldemort tried to remove the roller but Petunia pushed it in even
    further. Voldemort changed appearances, becoming a vampire, then a
    werewolf, followed by so many other creatures onlookers did not
    identify half of them. Petunia, unimpressed, focussed on one goal,
    pushing the roller.
    Voldemort was gone and in his place, a very old Tom Riddle lay
    on the ground, dying. Petunia was not fooled; she did not release the
    pressure from the roller. Life was all but gone as blood finally flooded
    from the Riddle’s hearth.
    “HARRY!” shouted McGonagall. “Harry is dead.”
    The old witch, free to breath, had immediately turned to Harry
    who had not been as lucky as she had. Petunia looked at her nephew
    and realized that he truly was dead. Petunia released the pressure on
    the roller.
    “Bring Harry over here” ordered Petunia to McGonagall.
    The old witch obeyed. Petunia took one of Voldemort’s hands
    and opened it, showing a scar similar to Harry’s. Tom Riddle, still
    alive, had no strength to resist; his hand was put on Harry’s forehead.
    “Well uncle! Looks like you’re good for one thing after all,”
    Petunia said.
    “What are you doing?” Riddle whispered.
    “Didn’t you ever ask yourself why you could not kill Harry? What
    was that ancient magic Lily used?”
    Riddle was starting to understand.
    “James and Lily were expert with Horcruxes; they discovered
    more powerful magic than you could ever have. Horcruxes can also be
    created out of love if one sacrifices his life. Lily did. She could have
    fought you but instead, she let you kill her so she could save her son.
    She did better than to split a soul; she made a copy of it. Yes uncle,
    Horcruxes can be whole. I believe all you succeeded was in splitting
    Tom Riddle felt energy leave his body, his extremities got cold.
    “Lily copied Harry’s soul into yours. YOU WERE HARRY’S
    HORCRUXE!” Petunia screamed at Riddle, alias Voldemort.
    The energy left through Riddle’s hand and entered Harry. The
    young man took a deep breath and opened his eyes.
    “That’s impossible,” murmured Riddle. “I was alone in the
    “No, your own sister was there. My mother! Gardenia! Merope
    had a daughter before you. Merope allowed your father to leave with
    her even though she was pregnant with you. My mother always knew
    who her parents were but, like so many other bastard children of
    aristocratic fathers, she was raised as a maid in her father household.”
    “I would have sensed it.”
    “Of course not. My mother never used her powers, to you she
    would have been another Muggle, and never lowered yourself to be
    interested with Muggles. My mother gave up her powers once she
    discovered your existence, how vile you were. But powers like hers
    cannot disappear, they had to be passed on: to me. I had the powers,
    not Lily. It was my mother who put Harry on the sofa, knowing full well
    what Lily had done.”
    On these last words Tom Riddle died. His eyes stayed opened,
    his human body went cold. A battle followed: the remaining evil
    soldiers of the Dark Lord’s army were neutralized within minutes.
    Harry stood up and looked at his aunt. His friends came out of
    their lethargic states. Harry was lost, incapable of feeling or thinking;
    he had been wrong all along as much as he had been right.
    McGonagall left his side to join Petunia.
    “Petunia Evans, you have endured the greatest of pain.”
    Harry needed to understand.
    “What pain?” screamed Harry. “If you were so powerful, why
    didn’t you save my mother?”
    “Because I told her not to,” McGonagall replied.
    Minerva took Petunia’s hand, trying to comfort her.
    “I cannot tell you the effect Petunia had on me when I first met
    her,” McGonagall said. “I never saw such magical powers. Lily was an
    amazing witch but she learned her talents, much like Hermione.
    Petunia was something else. Sybil Trelawney and I were in charge of
    testing the new students. We were overwhelmed with Petunia and had
    to stop when Sybil had a vision: if Petunia used her magic, she would
    destroy the world, the ancient blood of Gaunt and all its evil wanted to
    come to the surface. No one here can imagine how terrible Petunia
    felt. She was just a twelve-year-old girl, the most powerful wizard in
    the world, and would have to hide it! Worse, ignore it and pretend it
    never existed. How terrible if must have been to see Lily come home
    with the praises while you had to step aside. Sybill and I swore we
    would never tell a sole, which we did.”
    Harry was silent and heartbroken. He stared at his aunt who
    looked at him with all the contempt she had been living with.
    “I hated James,” Petunia said. “He played with Horcruxes and
    didn’t care about the consequences; Lily and James were obsessed
    with killing Riddle. How I loathed the day you appeared at my front
    door. You were like a dagger in my home. A dagger I could do
    anything against because if I used my powers, Riddle would find me
    “Why didn’t my mother know about your mother and Voldemort?”
    “Because my mother made me promise not to tell. She knew her
    brother was reading minds and she did not want anyone in the
    Magical world to have any knowledge of her gifts. She sacrificed me in
    a way by telling me everything and giving me her powers but more
    importantly, Merope’s wand.”
    Petunia caressed her roller; the crowd understood that Petunia
    hid the wand in it. Harry did not want to hear anymore, he had enough.
    Calm fell on Tintagel. Aurores started to tear away the velvet veil
    and rays on sun were coming through.
    Petunia lowered her head and cried. Harry walked over, took her
    hand but Petunia resisted. He persevered and she slowly opened up,
    allowing Harry to hug her.
    Hermione and Ron held one another. Mrs. Weasley came down
    from the hills and calmed Ginny with a slumbering spell. Neville
    grabbed Luna’s hand who, for the first time of her life, showed an
    emotion: happiness.
    “PETUNIA AND HARRY!” shouted McGonagall.
    “PETUNIA AND HARRY!” screamed the victorious army.
    The cry of joy flew all over the world. Every human got out of his
    or her house to celebrate to see darkness recede but most of all shout
    to the skies: “PETUNIA AND HARRY!”
    At Tintagel, the ground shook: warplanes had launched their
    bombs. Petunia simply looked up, pointed the wand at the sky and
    every bomb vanished. Harry understood what McGonagall meant
    when saying that his aunt could do things no one else could.
    Petunia and Harry let go of their embrace. Turning to the
    hysterical crowd, they did what heroes do: they raised their hands and
    “That’s not a word!”
    Petunia Dursley put the dictionary down: Harry would have to
    come up with something English. Scrabble was not to be tempered
    “How’s Ginny?” Petunia said, playing with her letters.
    “She will be fine. She’s already writing me letters.”
    Harry put a five-letter word on the board. He did not score high
    points but at least it was an English word. She added his points and
    followed his five-letter word with a seven-letter one.
    Harry sighed; he had been trying to beat her at scrabble for
    weeks. This game would end like all the others; he would have the
    pitiful score.
    “Dudley and Uncle Vernon sure are loving the spotlight.”
    “They deserve it,” Petunia replied, eyes fixed on the board.
    Harry was referring to the hundredth interview his uncle and
    cousin were given to journalists on the front lawn. Four Privet drive
    was more famous than ten Downing Street. It was declared royal
    ground by the queen and all the neighbours had to leave their house,
    which they would have anyway since the area was under constant
    attack by journalists and fans.
    “So, what will you do now?” asked Petunia.
    “Become an Aurore, though there is no need for them anymore.”
    Harry put a seven-letter word on the table.
    “HARRY POTTER!” shouted Petunia.
    She looked at the letters and burned them from a wink of her left
    eye: he had used magic to come up with a record high word. Harry put
    his hand in the bag of letters and picked seven new ones, knowing
    that he would find another stupid word.
    “Don’t be so sure about not needing Aurores anymore,” Petunia
    said looking at Harry’s three letter word.
    In a suburb of Sydney, Australia, a woman was sitting at the
    welfare office with her newborn baby girl. The welfare officer had been
    trying to help the woman for weeks but she always refused.
    “What is it this time,” asked the welfare officer annoyed.
    “I want to register my baby.”
    “Nobody registers babies! I swear, sometimes I think you came
    from under a rock.”
    “The community nurse told me I need papers for my baby’s
    The welfare officer was so exasperated she did not bother to
    argue. She took out a form for newborns and asked the question since
    the woman in front of her was illiterate.
    “Father’s name?”
    “Tom Riddle.”
    “Mother’s name?”
    “Bellatrix Lestrange.”
    “Baby’s name?”
    “Merope…. just like her grand-mother.”

  164. this whole “last chapter” bulllshit is so untrue… that just made me really mad… anyway…

    Deathly Hallows is aparently Godric’s Hallow… if you haven’t noticed all the Horxcues have been based on the founders of Hogwarts so the last one will have to be there. I bet Harry and Voldemort will have a big battle there and one will die… I’m not sure which. I really hope Harry lives, that would just ruin it for me if he didn’t.

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    “So, what will you do now?” asked Petunia.
    “Become an Aurore, though there is no need for them anymore.”

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