Nerd dream continues unabated

Just pinch Masi Oka, the nerd turned actor on HEROES. Now he has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance as Hiro Nakamura, super powered otaku. While Oka was the sole acting nom for the show, HEROES was nominated for Best Drama, as were LOST and 24. The Globe nomination were otherwise fairly […]

Also TO DO: Little Lit at Borders

Spiegelman and Mouly visit the new Penn Plaza Borders tonight: Who: Pulitzer Prize-winning comic artist, editor and author, Art Spiegelman. Spiegelman, the creator of the graphic novel, “Maus,” will be joined by Publisher, Co-Founder of Raw Books & Graphics and Arts Editor for The New Yorker magazine, Francoise Mouly. What: Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly […]

Comics’ alarming demographics

ComicSpace the new social networking site for comics folks, has added user defined tags. The result is a quick demographic snapshot of who is Out There. writer (918) artist (736) fan (223) illustrator (219) creator (199) cartoonist (174) reader (140) inker (133) webcomic (130) publisher (130) colorist (114) manga artist (101) comic artist (95) editor […]

New careers for Campbell and Pope?

The recently started blogs of Paul Pope and Eddie Campbell are enough to make you think they have taken on new careers. Both are prodigious bloggers. Certainly both are among the most well-defined personas in the comics world, although as long-time self-publishing graphic novelists, they share more of a common background than you might think. […]

Geppi Museum in jeopardy?

The Maryland Gazette reveals “Some hot Baltimore tourist attractions are deep in red ink” including Geppi’s Entertainment Museum which just opened in September. Several Baltimore tourist attractions are on such shaky fiscal footing that they could collapse if conditions do not improve. Promotional efforts are not drawing enough visitors to the Maryland Zoo, Sports Legends […]

Alan Moore in Arthur Magazine

Jay Babcock writes to remind us that this month’s ARTHUR magazine has a long essay by Alan Moore in its pages: “Bog Venus vs. Nazi Cock-Ring: Some Thoughts Concerning Pornography” is a survey and consideration of the last TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND YEARS OF PORNOGRAPHY in the Western world — a hairy-palmed story of the sexual imagination […]

Cartoon Show Extended at Library of Congress

E&P reports that the exhibit of the Art Wood Collection at the Library of Congress has been extended…yay, maybe we can get to see it. The closing date of a Library of Congress cartoon exhibit has moved from Jan. 27 to Feb. 24, according to blogger Mike Rhode. “Cartoon America: Highlights from the Art […]

Comics Living Golden Age

Mark Evanier has a nice post noting that while Mart Nodell’s passing marks the end of one Golden Age comics creator, we are lucky enough to have a few still walking amongst us: Paul Norris, who co-created Aquaman, is still with us at the age of 92. George Tuska, who was drawing for Will Eisner’s […]

More art: Herge and Fellini

Think that comics-loving directors started with Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez? Wrong! Federico Fellini, famed Italian surrealist, was a cartoonist early in his career, and two books of his doodles are set to debut at next year’s Rome Film Festival Italy’s ANSA news agency said the two books of the film icon’s daily sketches will […]