Mark Evanier has a nice post noting that while Mart Nodell’s passing marks the end of one Golden Age comics creator, we are lucky enough to have a few still walking amongst us:

Paul Norris, who co-created Aquaman, is still with us at the age of 92. George Tuska, who was drawing for Will Eisner’s shop in 1939 would certainly fit anyone’s definition of a Golden Age artist. He’s still around at the age of 90. Nick Cardy, who started with Eisner at the same time, is a much younger man of 85.

Creig Flessel, who was drawing the covers of Detective Comics before Batman was in the book is alive at age 94. Jim Mooney, who drew his first comic book in 1941, is a mere 87 years of age. Joe Simon, who has a pretty impressive list of co-creations to his credit including Captain America, is 93. He started in comics in 1938. Joe Kubert, who’s 80 years old, did his first comic book work in 1942.

Irwin Hasen is 88 and he started drawing comics in 1940. His occasional partner Bob Oksner is two years older and he started doing comics about the same time. So did Bob Fujitani, who’s 86. Bob Lubbers (age 84) was illustrating for funnybooks in 1942. Carmine Infantino is 81 and he was drawing comics before 1941.

Hasen, Infantino, Kubert and Cardy at least are still around on the con circuit. Make it a point to at least say hello some time. It’s a good feeling.