E&P reports that the exhibit of the Art Wood Collection at the Library of Congress has been extended…yay, maybe we can get to see it.

The closing date of a Library of Congress cartoon exhibit has moved from Jan. 27 to Feb. 24, according to ComicsDC.blogspot.com blogger Mike Rhode.

“Cartoon America: Highlights from the Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricature” opened Nov. 2. The Washington, D.C.-based exhibit features original art by past and present creators — including editorial cartoonists Rube Goldberg, Bill Mauldin, Thomas Nast, and Pat Oliphant; and comic cartoonists Milton Caniff (“Terry and the Pirates”), George Herriman (“Krazy Kat”), Lynn Johnston (“For Better or For Worse”), Winsor McCay (“Little Nemo in Slumberland”), Charles Schulz (“Peanuts”), and Chic Young (“Blondie”).

PS: Peter Sanderson had a nice write up of the show and the accompanying book in PWCW this week. We certainly are going to try to check it out with the expanded time frame.