Tonight, in Tribeca The Tribeca Performing Arts Center presents Shooting War’s Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman, along with other graphic novel luminaries like Marisa Acocella Marchetto ( Cancer Vixen) and James Romberger (Seven Miles a Second ) who will discuss their work in comics. The evening will be moderated by Calvin Reid, senior news editor of Publishers Weekly and co-editor of PW Comics Week. It starts at 7 and tickets are $5.

Tribeca Performing Arts Center at BMCC
199 Chambers St. NYC (btwn. Greenwich and West St.)

Also, Goldman has a nice interview in today’s Gothamist.

Who are your artistic inspirations? When did you first learn to draw, and how has your work evolved since then? I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and it’s been a constant source of trouble and frustration. The first time I was spanked was for taking markers to my bedroom walls. I used to make these vicious fictional bio-comics of my weirdo 7th grade geography teacher . . . until someone passed my notebook to him while I was in the bathroom; that was worth two weeks indoor suspension. Slipping subliminal messages into editorial comics for my high school newspaper nearly got me kicked out as well. I hated my artwork for most of my twenties and found I was doing less and less of it; writing’s always been easier and more satisfying for me . . . words don’t have line weight, y’know? Making the jump from drawing on paper to drawing on screen with digital tools opened up whole new worlds for me, almost instantly. I remember taking my first Wacom tablet home and plugging it into Illustrator around 3 a.m.; I got up to refill my coffee and that the sun had risen . . . and I’d drawn the best thing I’d ever done before.