Hollywood’s franchise shortage

Over at Variety (which is now FREE for everyone to read, btw), a recent article captures studio exec fretting over the dwindling supply of potential mega-franchise properties, like LORD OF THE RINS and JAMES BOND: Some studio execs even think the mega-franchise could be a fading genre. “The larger issue is that a franchise picture […]

Jim Lee speaks

Jim Lee is one of the superstars of comics, both as an artist and a person. His 12 issue runs on BATMAN and SUPERMAN in recent years were important steps in getting DC’s franchise characters back where they belong, and the HUSH collections are perennially strong sellers in comics shops and bookstores. However, his two […]

Paul Gravett on comics language

MUST READ LINK! The Forbidden Planet International Blog presents a talk by comics scholar Paul Gravett on the language of comics. Gravett starts out with Goethe and Toepffer, and from there it gets rather intellectual. At the time Goethe was really excited about this new kind of storytelling; the artist, the creator of this early […]

PEEPSHOW returns

Joe Matt is back! Who? Newcomers to this wonderful world of comics may not be familiar with Matt, as his new issue of PEEPSHOW #14 is the first in five years. You’ll quickly get up to speed with Matt’s unique blend of masturbation, pornography addiction and thriftiness. : After a nearly 5 year absence from […]

Don’t forget: Spider-Man 3 trailer tonight!

The 2 1/2 minutes trailer will debut wide at 10 pm: Spider-Man fans will get a long-awaited sneak peek at Columbia Pictures’ highly anticipated motion picture Spider-Man 3 when a new, full-length, two-and-a-half minute trailer debuts in a special unprecedented “road block” across Viacom Inc.’s brands and on the CBS Television Network on Thursday, November […]

Important thoughts you need to absorb!

See this is how we do it. Every day we hit up our RSS reeds and links (200+) and what not, and come up with a list of links that reference nerd world. That comes to approx. 2,567 links each day. So how do we pick what to post? What passes muster for information YOU […]

More 300 preview stuff

There was a sneak look at 300 footage this week and IESB.net is first out of the gate with the reviewgasm: The footage shown was jaw dropping and truly captures Miller’s book the way no other film has been able to bring a graphic novel or comic book to life. Not Sin City, not Batman […]