There was a sneak look at 300 footage this week and IESB.net is first out of the gate with the reviewgasm:

The footage shown was jaw dropping and truly captures Miller’s book the way no other film has been able to bring a graphic novel or comic book to life. Not Sin City, not Batman Begins, not even Spiderman. So far, what we saw puts 300 at the top of the list to revolutionize the way “comic book/graphic novelâ€? movies are made. It was, honestly, as if we were watching a moving graphic novel, perfectly transferred from page to screen, as if the actors weren’t really “humansâ€?, but rather, part of this incredibly beautiful, perfectly drawn moving image.

Many new images in the link, including lots of FEMALE cheesecake, but no close-ups of dear, dear Gerard Butler’s abdominals. COME ON, WARNERS! Our attention is beginning to wander!!!


  1. Oh, I love the way you think!
    Yes, we are clamoring for more ‘close-ups of dear, dear Gerard Butler’s abdominals”…
    and thighs, and pecs, and…well…yes, more buff Butler!
    We need more high-resolution pics to tide us over until the film release.

    Love your articles and your interview with GB at ComicCon

  2. Yes we could use all the Gerard Pictures in this movie we can get, and more of Gerards thighs and muscles. Please please.

  3. No to female cheesecake, – or ok, then, – but lots and lots of Butler beefcake.
    Sorry, I do respect and admire him, – but would like to SEE a lot more of him too – in all ways…
    Perfect screencaps are a must, – ‘nough said.
    Pretty please…

  4. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! Okay, less cheesecake and yeah more beefcake!! What do ya think we’re all waiting for??

  5. Heidi… I saw the great interview you did with Gerry at Comic Con, and KNEW you had been Butlerized by the man’s oozing sexiness, irresistible sweetness, and cheeky Scottish charm.

    Now you are one of us… clamoring for more!

    I guess the producers of 300 decided it was time to placate their male fans with half nakkie female images….

    Oh…wait…. there are women in this move?

    …….and other actors?

    Who knew???

    Bring on the Butler!

  6. I saw the footage this week, Heidi, and all I’ll say is fans of Gerard Butler’s abs will get their fill (as fans of his glowing behind) with this movie.